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Sometimes, car accident injuries have multiple causes

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2017 | Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents in Delaware may have a variety of causes which intersect in time and location to result in a tragic collision. A recent fatality on Interstate 95 may illustrate a trifecta of causes culminating in the accident which injured and killed.

Two car collision on Interstate 95

As reported by DelawareOnline, on Interstate 95, for reasons unknown, a vehicle steered left and then to the right into the concrete barrier. Another car then hit that first car. The driver of the first car was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. Sadly, he died from his severe injuries while still at the scene. The second car caught on fire, but that driver was able to exit for safety and was taken to the hospital with less serious injuries.

Multiple factors contribute to some accidents

What were the possible multiple contributing factors to this tragedy? What caused the first car to veer out of control? Authorities may never know, as that driver has not survived. It could have been an unexpected slippery patch of road. Another unknown car may have cut him off or otherwise swerved causing him to veer. The first driver could have had a distraction from something in his car or by his own activity while driving. Would he have survived if he had buckled his seat belt?

What caused the second vehicle to be unable to avoid hitting the first car? Was it so unexpected that even with very reasonable driving, it was unavoidable? Alternatively, was that driver speeding? Was that driver distracted by activity in his or her own car?

Safe driving of some may protect distracted drivers from crashing

Distracted driving is a risky activity. However, not all incidences of one person driving in a distracted manner lead to an accident. This may be because surrounding drivers are paying attention and are able to avoid the poorly driven vehicle.

But the risk of collision may magnify if two drivers, unknown to each other, are both engaging in distracted driving. In such an event, neither is cognizant of the danger heading his or her way and so is unable to act to avoid it. It may be that sometimes, it only takes one smart safe driver to prevent a casualty.