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How to avoid serious injury in a car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Car Accidents

When you get in your car every morning in the Wilmington area to drop your kids off to school and go to work, the last thing on your mind is a car accident. As common as they are, very few motorists think about them until they are faced with a collision that causes them serious injury. 

Car accidents are rarely easy to get over. Victims may sustain injuries so severe that they may not ever return to their normal way of life. Instead, they struggle to heal from broken bones, brain damage, spinal cord wounds and emotional trauma. A single crash has the potential to change your life forever. Take some time to learn how to minimize your risk of serious injury in a motor vehicle wreck.

Drive like no else knows how 

Many car accidents are due to errors and distractions. Motorists are likely to make mistakes when they do not have sufficient driving experience, succumb to distraction or drive carelessly. It is not always obvious when you are on the road with dangerous drivers. Because you cannot control what others do while they are behind the wheel, you need to control your own. 

Stay alert 

When you are in the driver’s seat, your safety depends on your attention. Put away all distractions and focus on your vehicle and your surroundings, as well as the actions of other motorists. Staying alert makes it easier for you spot dangers and take corrective actions to avoid them. 

Do not drink and drive 

The holidays are coming up. You may have more events and social outings to go to where you feel like drinking. If you must drink, do so in moderation. Allow several hours to pass between taking your last sip of alcohol and getting behind the wheel. Encourage your friends to avoid drinking and driving, as well. You may also want to consider using a taxi, rideshare service or public transportation to get around safely. 

Take refresher driver’s education courses 

You may think you know all there is about driving. There is no harm in taking a driving course to refresh your skills and bring you up to speed on any changes in traffic laws and rules. Staying current with your driving skills can help you to make better driving decisions and identify potential hazards earlier. 

Safety is one thing you can never have too much of when you are on the roads. So, practice safe driving habits to avoid hazards that could cause injuries to those in your car and the people in the vehicles around you.