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Unknown surgical errors result infertility for woman

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2017 | Surgical Errors

Many Delaware couples struggle with the ability to become pregnant and start a family. Fortunately, medical advancement has enabled many couples to become pregnant when they previously could not. One couple in another state sought the care and advice of a reproductive and endocrinology specialist and had high hopes that they would start a family with his care. Sadly, due to unknown surgical errors, the couple will never have biological children.

The woman was diagnosed with fibroid uterine tumors, and she chose to have them surgically removed 10 years ago when she was 29 years old. Although fibroid uterine tumors are typically benign, they can inhibit the ability for some women to become pregnant. According to the woman, the doctor implanted a plastic birth control device called a Gore-Tex without her knowledge or consent. She did not become aware of the device until recently when it began to cause medical problems.

The woman’s medical problems resulted in her having a hysterectomy, eliminating all chances of her becoming pregnant. During her hysterectomy, the now broken Gore-Tex device was discovered, and it was believed to be the culprit of her medical problems. Not only does the woman claim she was not told about the device, but the device remained in her five years more than it should have. The couple has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the physician for their physical, financial, emotional and for the loss of the child they will never have.

When surgical errors occur for any patient, devastating consequences can result. In some cases such as this one, there may be no monetary figure that will equate to the emotional loss a patient may experience. Although in addition to emotional loss, a patient may experience significant financial loss due to related medical expenses. Delaware attorneys can inform any patient that may have experienced similar alleged medical malpractice of their rights and options for legal recourse in civil court.

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