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Family awarded $8.8 million for man’s death from brain injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Brain Injuries

Unfortunate and tragic accidents occur in Delaware and across the country every day. Accidents often result in life-changing injuries, which are sometimes fatal. Recently, a family in another state was awarded $8.8 million in a wrongful death lawsuit for the brain injuries their loved one suffered at his workplace.

The man was employed by Boeing Company to work on the airplanes engineered by the company. He and other co-workers were on a mobile platform to allow them access to the 787 plane they were working on as they applied plastic parts to it. The mobile platform consisted of multiple moving parts and was controlled by a software system to trigger mechanics to mobilize them to the different parts of the plane. The platform malfunctioned and created an abnormally large gap that resulted in the victim’s fall. The victim fell 18 feet, crashing into concrete.

As a result, the victim suffered serious brain injuries from which he never recovered. He was treated in a medical facility for 11 days before he died. The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit, and a jury determined the company that installed the software program for the platforms was negligent. Apparently, when the company installed the platforms, it neglected to install important triggers for safety alarms to sound when dangerous gaps occurred on a mobile platform and its moving parts. After the two week trial concluded, the jury decided in favor of the family.

The brain affects daily function, memory, speech, mobility and more. When brain injuries occur for any reason, it can change a person’s way of life and may even result in death. Care for someone with a brain injury can be very expensive and can easily result in financial burden for families. Delaware attorneys can advise victims and family members of legal options when suspected negligence may have resulted in an unfortunate accident.

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