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Couple files lawsuit after daughter suffers birth injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2017 | Birth Injuries

Parents in Delaware and across the country spend a lot of time preparing for the birth of a child. They prepare nurseries, purchase supplies and listen to the advice of experienced parents. Most new parents do not anticipate needing the advice of an attorney following the birth of a child, but unfortunately some do. One couple in another state has filed a lawsuit with the help of an attorney due to the birth injuries their daughter suffered.

According to the lawsuit,  the obstetrician made the decision assist in the mother’s labor just one hour into it. His method of choice was a vacuum. A vacuum seal is placed on the baby’s head to apply pressure and allow a physician to pull the baby during birth. Unfortunately, the physician failed multiple attempts to assist the birth with the vacuum suction, and the baby had to be delivered by cesarean section.

The parents insist that the physician used the vacuum two hours too early in the birth process, which resulted in the baby’s injuries. Not long after the baby was born, she suffered serious seizures. Tests revealed the baby was bleeding in her brain. The baby now suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy and serious seizures. She is not expected to ever be able to provide for herself and will require medical treatment indefinitely.

Unfortunately, when birth injuries occur, many result in life-long debilitating effects. When injuries result in disability, the cost to care for a child significantly increases and may last throughout his or her life. If injuries occur as a result of suspected medical negligence, parents may have grounds to pursue claims for monetary damages in civil court. Attorneys in Delaware can examine all evidence in each case and offer advice on a course of action accordingly.

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