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Headaches caused by brain injuries may impair ability to work

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Brain Injuries

Understandably, Delaware residents may not comprehend the life-change that may result from an unexpected accident until it becomes personal. When brain injuries result from an accident, some symptoms can last a lifetime and impair basic daily functions such as driving and working. In addition to dealing with chronic symptoms, the inability to work and the loss of income may result in financial stress for many victims. Through therapy and persistence, one injured victim has become determined to regain her previous way of life.

The woman, who has been a police officer for 30 years, was riding as a passenger when another vehicle crashed into the side of her vehicle. Reportedly, the accident occurred due to the other driver running a red light. The woman suffered a concussion, which is a bruise on the brain. Due to her injuries, she has not been able to work, but she stated with the assistance of medical professionals and therapists she has regained more of her previous way of life. She is hopeful that she is almost ready to return to work.

One therapy center reports headaches are the most common complaint among brain injury victims. Although scars may be healed and bandages removed, the persistent headaches impair many victims from driving or returning to work. Therapists are conducting trails and studies to explore techniques to assist victims to cope with the chronic pain headaches may cause.

brain injuries can occur anywhere and at any time. If they occur due to the believed negligence of another person’s actions, financial compensation may be requested to aid in medical treatment expenses. Personal injury attorneys in Delaware can answer any questions injured victims might have regarding possible legal recourse.  Compensation will not remove the symptoms for victims, but it may improve the quality of a victim’s life and relieve financial stress.

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