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Surgical errors leave woman with camera in body for months

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2017 | Surgical Errors

Technology has advanced medicine significantly over the years. Despite its benefits, patients in Delaware would not wish to spend months with lost technology inside their body. Unfortunately, for a woman in another state, a series of surgical errors resulted in a camera remaining in her body six months after surgery. She has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit for the resulting financial and physical suffering she has experienced.

Reportedly, the woman has suffered from Type 1 diabetes since she was a child. Over the years her diabetic condition resulted in blindness, a stroke and kidney failure. Due to her kidney failure, physicians determined she could benefit from a kidney and pancreas transplant.

The woman underwent surgery transplants at a well-known and established hospital. Physicians used the assistance of small medical cameras to complete the surgery, and apparently one remained in her abdomen. Six months after the surgery, an exam revealed the rogue camera, and she underwent an additional surgery to have it removed.

Delaware patients that may suffer surgical errors or negligence by medical professionals may have an unnecessary prolonged recovery. As the patient in this article, some patients may also require additional surgeries. Errors and malpractice may impact a patient’s finances as any additional treatment may result in unexpected treatment expenses and potential loss of income when work is missed. Medical malpractice attorneys can advise any patient who suspects he or she has been the victim of negligence in order to assess their rights and options to peruse compensation. Although a monetary judgment will not return a patient to his or her previous enjoyment of life, it may help to relieve an unexpected financial burden.

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