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Debates currently going on about driverless cars

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | Car Accidents

Driverless vehicles are making headlines. Many companies are presently testing them out on American roadways, and in several decades, they may become a routine part of life. However, there is still a lot that needs to be figured out at this point in time. 

Many people, including a Stanford professor, debate the merits of having driverless cars on roadways. Some argue these vehicles will make daily life so much easier. Others have significant doubts about the technology. Anyone unsure of how driverless cars will impact roadways, including how they will affect collisions, should brush up on the topic. 

Who is liable in the event of an accident?

This is a debate currently raging in the auto insurance industry. There is a lot of confusion about who would be liable if a self-driving car ended up crashing into something. Would it be the manufacturer of the driverless vehicle? Would the person behind the wheel still ultimately be liable? There are no easy answers with this, but an answer may need to be reached soon with some estimates reporting that self-driving cars could enter the marketplace in just a few years. 

Will driverless cars kill jobs?

Many people in the country make their living driving trucks and other vehicles to deliver packages and supplies. If these vehicles become commonplace, then a significant amount of people could face unemployment. Their skills may not be transferable to other industries. While automation will make a lot of people’s lives easier, it could make other people’s lives a lot harder. 

What happens if a self-driving car is faced with an ethical dilemma? 

This is arguably the most common argument taking place. If a driverless car has a choice between killing a passenger and killing a pedestrian, then which one will it pick? Software can only do so much, and eventually, a driverless car will face this precise conundrum. One option is to design driverless cars so that in one of these events, the person inside regains control and makes the ultimate decision.

There are no easy answers when it comes to complicated matters such as self-driving cars. For the time being, everyone should practice safe driving to prevent accidents.