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Patients may suffer the effects of brain injuries for years

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Brain Injuries

Car accidents, falls, on-the-job accidents and sports injuries can all result in head trauma for Delaware patients. One recent study of war veterans has helped researchers understand the complexity that brain injuries may cause in people. Previously, it was believed that once the injury healed, patients would no longer suffer effects of the injury. The study instead has revealed that effects can linger for years after the brain heals.

Researchers chose to study 50 war veterans with a history of concussion as a result of a blast over many years. The research including monitoring with brain imaging among other methods. Many medical professionals believe that patients with traumatic brain injuries will see no effects one year after the initial injury. The study instead concluded that it was unclear if and when the veterans would stop feeling effects of the injury. Surprisingly, they found many veterans suffered worse symptoms five years after their initial injury.

One veteran reported eight years after his initial head injury that he is not better. He states he is not able to enjoy life as he did prior to the injury and feels like a different person. He also states that the treatment for some of the depression and post-traumatic stress disorder he currently experiences as a result of the injury also negatively affects his enjoyment of life. He has not been able to work in a traditional job since his injury.

People can suffer traumatic brain injuries in a multitude of ways. No matter how they occur, they can alter a person’s life for years. Income may be lost if a person is not able to work and medical expenses can add up quickly. If an injury occurs as a result of another person’s negligence, Delaware personal injury attorneys can advise victims of their legal options for possible compensation. Compensation will not change the effects of the injury, but may help alleviate any resulting related financial stress.

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