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Man suffers brain injuries by unsecured beverage cart on plane

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Brain Injuries

Some Delaware residents may fear flying in an airplane for many reasons. Being injured by a beverage cart likely is not one of them. Unfortunately for a man in another state, he suffered serious brain injuries after being struck in the head by a runaway beverage cart while the American Airlines plane was ascending into the air. He has filed a lawsuit in civil court requesting $10 million in physical and emotional damages.

The victim and his wife were taking a relatively short flight together when the injury occurred. During the plane’s take-off, the 300 pound beverage cart became loose and rolled down the aisle and struck the man in the head. It is alleged that the impact resulted in his hat being knocked off, a large wound, bleeding and loss of consciousness.

Instead of the pilot making an emergency landing for the man’s injury to be evaluated, the flight continued to its destination. Reportedly the flight crew did not know how to care for the man’s injury, and passengers and a nurse, who was also passenger, supplied him with care until the flight landed. The man and his wife now report that he suffers from a chronic head injury, headaches, mood swings and anxiety. The injury has also hindered his ability to work, bend over and has resulted in marital stress.

brain injuries such as this man’s can occur anywhere at any time. Injuries can result in physical harm, medical expenses and may alter life as it was enjoyed before. Any Delaware resident who suspects they may have suffered an unnecessary injury due to the negligence of another may benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney to determine any legal options for compensation. Compensation may not reverse any permanent damage, but it may help to relieve financial issues caused by the need for ongoing treatment. 

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