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Family awarded $2.3 million re baby’s brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2017 | Brain Injuries

Most Delaware parents experience a myriad of emotions as they anticipate the birth of a child. Some of those parents may experience more fear and worry regarding their child’s well-being when they are prematurely born. A premature birth can result in multiple health conditions, additional medical treatment and expenses. Any medical mistake on a fragile premature baby could result in unnecessary physical harm, brain injuries or even death. Recently, a family in another state was awarded a $2.3 million settlement for the injury of their baby that they asserted was caused by hospital staff negligence.

The baby was born at home almost three months before its due date. After it was born, it was transferred to a hospital for specialized neo-natal care. It was determined that the baby would benefit from a PICC line, which is a special intravenous line placed in patient’s vein to deliver medications. Allegedly, the nurses incorrectly inserted the PICC line.

Attorneys argued that symptoms and signs of an incorrect placement of the PICC line were present, but it remained in place for six days. It was not until the baby’s fingers began turning black and were shriveled that medical staff questioned the placement of the PICC line. The baby was transferred to another hospital and its arm was removed. Claims were also made in the lawsuit that the baby suffered neurological damage as result of possible decreased blood flow to the brain due to the incorrect PICC line placement.

When a baby suffers any injury early in life, it may affect the quality of the rest of his or her life. brain injuries especially can have lasting effects. Depending on the extent of the injury, children may require around the clock care, decrease their ability to earn income and lower cognitive function. Although a necessary expense, medical care and treatment can be a financial burden for parents. With the guidance and advice of attorneys in Delaware, parents may seek compensation in civil court to help relieve some of the unexpected related expenses.

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