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Mothers in Delaware can suffer debilitating birth injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2017 | Birth Injuries

For many parents in Delaware, the birth of a child is a miraculous experience. Unfortunately for some, it may instead be traumatic. Despite advances in medical experience and technology, birth injuries still occur to both mothers and children. Injuries can result in a lifetime of medical treatment, therapy and related expenses. One woman in a nearby state has filed a lawsuit against a hospital and physician due to the injuries she suffered under their care.

The woman expecting her first child to be delivered sought the care of physicians at a nearby medical center, as many mothers do. She claims that a student first attempted the placement of her epidural, but damaged her in the process. According to the patient, the anesthesiologist on record completed the procedure, but the damage was already done. The hospital denies any student involvement with the procedure.

The damage left a hole in the woman’s dura matter after the procedure. Due to the dura trauma, she suffered severe headaches in the weeks following. The headaches forced her to remain lying flat in a bed for weeks following the birth of her child. She claims the injury prevented her from bonding with her child, prevented her to be successful with breastfeeding and resulted in post-traumatic stress disorder. Her husband claims he also suffered because he was the main caregiver for his newborn child and wife while performing necessary daily tasks. 

It is unfortunate that the woman’s first child birth experience was traumatic and hindered her and her husband’s life in the first weeks of their child’s life. Birth injuries to either the mother or child can result emotional distress and escalating medical expenses. Delaware medical malpractice attorneys are available to advise patients of their litigation rights with respect to potential medical malpractice claims. 

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