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Delaware attorneys can advise victims of serious car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | Car Accidents

It could be argued that drivers have more distractions than they ever have had as they travel Delaware highways. Smartphones, eating and looking at the surrounding landscape or buildings are just a few that may tempt a driver’s eyes from the road. Unfortunately, any distraction may lead to serious car accidents resulting in debilitating and sometimes fatal injuries. For unknown reasons, a man allegedly pulled into an intersection prior to his turn, resulting in a multi-vehicle accident.

The initial investigation indicates that a 70-year-old man may have pulled his Ford Explorer into a highway intersection prematurely. Whatever may have distracted him, the resulting collision created a serious mess. Although he properly stopped in an intersection while traveling northbound, he reportedly continued through the intersection when an eastbound Dodge Caliber slammed into him.

The resulting collision spiraled them into another lane, forcing a tractor-trailer to attempt a quick stop. The unexpected stop and the volume in the tank of the truck flipped the tractor-trailer on its side and spilled its contents. Reportedly, the driver of the Explorer was not injured, but both the Caliber driver and the truck driver required medical attention. Due to the contents of the truck, Hazmat crews kept the intersection closed for approximately three hours as they cleaned up the spill.

Both injured drivers may now face expensive medical treatment and lost income due to potential lost time at work. Dealing with the aftermath of car accidents can be very overwhelming to handle alone. Although the expense for property damage and treatment of injuries can escalate quickly, personal injury attorneys in Delaware can advise victims of the potential to seek compensation in civil court. 

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