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brain injuries may result in emotional and financial loss

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2017 | Brain Injuries

When people in Delaware consent to undergo surgery, they do it understanding there are risks involved. Although patients do agree to potential risks, they may suffer injury or even death if an acceptable standard of care is not provided, When care is not adequate, infection, brain injuries, other injuries and/or death may occur. In another state, a family is claiming an anthologist’s inadequate care resulted in their loved one’s death.

According to records, the patient had undergone and finished a cardiac surgery, when an emergency necessitated another immediate surgery. After her first surgery, she apparently developed a dangerous and often fatal condition called cardiac tamponade. The condition results after fluid builds up around the heart impeding adequate pumping of the heart and blood flow throughout the body. Surgical intervention can often correct the condition.

According to medical records and the surgeon’s operative report, intubation was attempted. Intubation is vital to ensure adequate oxygenation throughout a patient’s body during a procedure. Unfortunately, per records, the first attempt was unsuccessful and the breathing tube may have been placed in the patient’s esophagus instead of her airway. It is claimed that the time period the patient was incorrectly intubated was a direct result of loss of oxygen to the patient’s brain, resulting injury and her death.

The family understandably feels great emotional loss, and they believe had standard medical care been provided, the patient’s death may have been avoided. Similar brain injuries do not always result in death, but may result in a lifetime of medical and therapy expenses for anyone that suffers from them. Delaware attorneys familiar with medical malpractice can advise injured patients or families of deceased victims of their options to seek compensation in a civil court. Compensation will not reverse emotional distress or physical damage, but may aid in relieving financial stress that results from injury related expenses.

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