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Man receives settlement from Home Depot for brain injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Brain Injuries

Do-it-yourself projects and stores that carry the necessary supplies have become very popular in Delaware and all over the country. While tackling home projects may have some personal risks, shopping in the stores is the last place a person may expect to be injured. Sadly, a man in another state suffered unexpected debilitating brain injuries as he shopped at his local Home Depot. He anticipates his lifetime medical care for his injuries to total around $8 million.

While shopping at Home Depot, an employee on a ladder accidentally knocked off two metal cases from a shelf about eight feet above the victim. Although the metal cases were small, they were large and heavy enough to stun the man after impact. Initially, the man thought he was okay, but hours later he suffered from symptoms of nausea and pain and sought emergency care. The emergency room physicians diagnosed him with a concussion.

The man now claims that the injuries continue to cause him pain and suffering. In addition to continued pain, he also stated that the injuries have resulted in anxiety, depression and a decreased level of functioning. Home Depot did accept responsibility for the accident, but the company did not agree with the severity of the man’s injuries. They felt compensating him with $1.3 million would be a fair amount for the extent of his medical expenses. The victim disagreed, and his case went to trail, seeking $50 million for his care. 

The case did not proceed past opening statements, as an undisclosed settlement for the victim was agreed on by both parties. As with this man, suffering from debilitating brain injuries may change a person’s ability to function as before and may result in expensive lifetime medical care. Delaware personal injury attorneys can advise injured victims with similar cases of their litigation rights and represent them throughout the proceedings.

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