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Car accidents can result in tragic unexpected deaths

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2017 | Car Accidents

Driving a vehicle on Delaware roadways is a responsibility and a privilege. Unfortunately, many people neglect being responsible while driving, often resulting in accidents. Car accidents can result in devastating injuries, long recoveries and sometimes tragic deaths. Recently a multi-vehicle crash resulted in two deaths.

A driver of a sedan apparently swerved into another lane of traffic and collided with a pickup truck. The impact resulted in the sedan crashing into a nearby guardrail. The pickup then collided with another truck before it came to a stop. Initial investigation of the accident revealed that the sedan driver was not wearing his seat belt, and he unfortunately died from his injuries.

One of the other drivers, a 68-year-old man, also died as a result of his injuries from the accident. All lanes of traffic were closed as the investigation and clean up occurred. Early investigation of the accident indicate that speeding may have contributed to the accident. Investigators have not ruled out drugs or alcohol as a possible contributing factor.

Not only can car accidents result in life-altering and debilitating injuries, but the costs associated with them can accumulate quickly. As in this case, many accidents end with tragic deaths. As families grieve the loss of their loved ones, they also may have unexpected burial costs. A personal injury attorney in Delaware can advise a family of their legal rights to pursue a claim against the estate of the likely negligent driver. If negligence is formally established in civil court, compensation may be awarded to cover any monetary damages, including burial expenses.

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