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Motorcyclists are a high risk group for brain injuries in crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2016 | Brain Injuries

Delaware motorcyclists do not enjoy the same protections as those in passenger vehicles. This increases their risk of brain injuries if they are involved in a crash. If an accident was caused by another motorist, victims might be able to receive restitution to help with the financial burdens that dealing with these and other injuries can cause.

Broken bones, lacerations and other injuries often heal well enough that they do not have a significant impact on your life after a motorcycle accident. However, brain injuries can alter your life forever. You might not be able to work or live as you did prior to the accident.

If you believe that someone else was responsible for your injuries, it would be beneficial to discuss the accident with an attorney. A review of the officials records, along with an independent investigation, could be done in order to determine what person or persons might be held liable for your injuries by a Delaware civil court. Your attorney will also review your medical status, your financial losses and your future financial needs in order to determine the extent of your financial losses and other damages.

Doctors and other third parties will more than likely need to be involved in order to understand the extent of your brain injuries and how they will affect the rest of your life. All of this evidence may help to establish the other driver’s negligence and your damages. If the court determines that your injuries were the result of someone else’s actions, an award of the damages you sustained could be ordered.