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Victims of car accidents have rights under Delaware law

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2016 | Car Accidents

Like many other Delaware residents, you were driving along, minding your own business and following the rules of the road when another driver made a mistake and crashed into your car. If you suffered serious injuries, you are more than likely racking up medical bills, losing income and sustaining other financial damages as a result. Fortunately, victims of car accidents have rights under Delaware law.

When another person is responsible for the crash in which you suffered serious injuries, you could file a personal injury claim in an attempt to achieve restitution for those losses. The other driver does not have to have been impaired by drugs or alcohol or distracted by a cell phone or something else for you to file a claim. You only need to establish through appropriate evidence that the negligence of the other driver caused or contributed to the injuries you suffered, and a Delaware personal injury attorney can help you determine whether filing a lawsuit is appropriate.

You should also be aware that just because an insurance company has offered you a settlement, you are not required to accept it. Insurance companies are often not looking out for your best interests. Adjusters are tasked with settling claims quickly and cheaply. You should make your attorney aware of any settlement you are offered so that he or she can review it and advise you regarding whether you should accept it.

Just as there are many factors that contribute to car accidents, there are also many factors involved in obtaining the recovery to which you are entitled. Attempting to deal with insurance companies and the courts alone could deprive you of restitution to which you might otherwise be entitled. In addition, you should be focusing on your recovery instead of dealing with the frustrations and stress surrounding your claim.