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Woman accuses doctors of surgical errors

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2016 | Surgical Errors

A June 9 filing in a county court is bringing a hospital and its health care practitioners under scrutiny, according to local sources. Delaware residents may be interested to hear that a former patient is suing her health care providers for negligence and malpractice after alleged surgical errors caused her long-term health problems. The complaint was filed in a court local to the plaintiff. 

According to the filing, the plaintiff began experiencing severe pain as a result of a necrotizing infection from an improperly-performed liposuction on her buttock region back in July 2013. The woman has accused the attending physicians of improperly performing the liposuction. She has also claimed the physicians failed to follow up with the plaintiff after the surgery. 

The woman is seeking a judgment of at least $50,000, in addition to court costs. She has secured legal representation and will likely and is entitled to a jury trial. The jurisdictional limitations of the court require that damage claims be in an amount that is not less than $50,000. 

In a medical malpractice case of this type, the plaintiff will need to prove that the alleged surgical errors occurred and that they caused or contributed to the injuries she claims. Delaware residents understand the importance of seeking this sort of justice if a surgical error has led to pain and suffering on the part of the plaintiff. The measure of proof in these types of proceedings is referred to as a preponderance of the evidence, a legal standard that is significantly less stringent that required in criminal proceedings.

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