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Alleged surgical errors lead to malpractice suit

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2016 | Surgical Errors

A woman who says an unnecessary surgery was performed on her is now suing a doctor and the associated health care facility, according to local news. Delaware residents are surely aware that surgical errors, or errors involving unnecessary surgeries, are grounds for medical malpractice suits. The woman is now in the process of taking all those she believes responsible to court. 

The complaint, which was filed on May 20, alleges that on May 21 of 2014, she was being treated for a hernia at a hospital local to her. The details of what happened to her on that day were not clearly articulated in this report, but it has been confirmed that she believes her care providers did not accurately diagnose her condition. As a result, she says an unnecessary surgery, causing her serious injuries, was performed, which has led to considerable pain and suffering on her part in the years since. 

She is seeking a trial by jury against the attending physician, the hospital and the physician’s association. She is requesting an amount in excess of $50,000 and has retained counsel. Court costs will be added to this total at a later time. 

Surgical errors do not always manifest as such during an otherwise-acceptable surgery. Sometimes a surgery itself is an error, which is a fact of which some Delaware residents are keenly aware. In this case, it appears the woman may have undergone an invasive and painful process for no good reason. If that is the case and she is awarded compensation for her claim, she may gain a feeling that justice has been done.

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