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Woman wins malpractice suit for brain injuries

On Behalf of | May 5, 2016 | Brain Injuries

A woman who says she was the victim of medical malpractice has won a considerable victory, according to local sources. Delaware residents will be pleased to learn that the woman, who suffered brain injuries during a tumor treatment, was awarded $44.1 million by a jury. According to the court documentation, the hospital intends to appeal. 

The report said the woman was being treated for a benign tumor on the outside of her brain when the incident occurred. The hospital staff apparently did not account for the woman’s sensitivity to an anticoagulant medication called heparin. She was prescribed this medication following her treatment, but the medication set off a severe brain hemorrhage which left the woman considerably paralyzed. 

In examining the facts of the case, a jury came to the determination that the hospital was 65 percent liable for the woman’s brain injuries, and that her attending doctor was responsible for the other 35 percent of the liability. They awarded her $44.1 million in damages to help cover court costs, medical fees and damages she suffered as a result of her experiences. Spokespeople for the hospital maintain that proper treatment was administered. 

Obviously brain injuries can and do have long-lasting adverse effects on those who suffer them. Delaware residents will agree that those who suffer from such injuries, when they are caused by medical mistakes, deserve to be compensated for the damages sustained. It is important for anyone who believes they were the victim of medical malpractice to seek professional advice before filing a malpractice suit. 

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