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Surgical errors re knee surgery spawn malpractice claim

On Behalf of | May 20, 2016 | Surgical Errors

An allegedly faulty knee surgery is now the subject of a medical malpractice suit. Delaware residents understand how serious surgical errors can be in any capacity, no matter how intensive the surgery might be. In this case, a woman has alleged her doctors were negligent in their performance of a knee replacement surgery, and she is now seeking monetary damages.

The complaint was filed on May 2 in a court local to the victim. Her malpractice claim names the hospital, the associated medical group and the attending physician as defendants. The complaint states that in April 2006, the woman underwent a total right knee replacement. Allegedly, the surgery was mishandled by the attending doctor, leading to pain and anguish, not to mention physical injury the woman says will require a lifetime of care to address. 

According to her filing, the knee was not properly cemented, an issue that should have been visible on the post-operative X-rays. In addition, a revision surgery was not considered in a timely fashion, meaning the damage to the woman’s knee is likely permanent. She now seeks trial by jury and intends to hold each defendant responsible for an amount greater than $100,000. 

Surgical errors can cause long-term and even lifelong effects on the patient, as some Delaware residents are already aware. Thankfully, state law allows victims of such malpractice cases to file suit against the medical authorities deemed responsible. It remains to be seen how this legal claim will be resolved, though a successful presentation could engender a monetary judgment for the victim’s documented damages. 

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