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Man sues for malpractice after alleged surgical errors

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2016 | Surgical Errors

An individual who was once a patient at a health center has filed a malpractice lawsuit. He filed as a result of surgical errors he suffered in a Dec. 2013 procedure. The case is now being overseen by a local court, as would likely be the case for similar cases in Delaware. 

According to the suit, the man went to a local hospital for the treatment of a hiatal hernia as well as gastroesophageal reflux disease. The operation was reportedly aborted because of an excess of bleeding from what was described as a large artery. As a result, the operation converted to a laparotomy.

The suit went on to allege that surgical sponges were left in the surgery area, and therefore foreign objects were essentially left in the body. Officials allegedly recognized that not all sponges were accounted for. However, the resultant inquest required additional invasive surgery for the patient, who is said to have suffered further issues as a result. 

The outcome of this case involving surgical errors has yet to be seen. Delaware readers may hope for a successful suit on the part of the plaintiff, who has since allegedly suffered considerable distress as a result of his treatment. Individuals who believe they have suffered from medical malpractice can benefit from the support of a trained attorney who can navigate the complex medical malpractice field to file a lawsuit against a medical institution and/or other health care provider. With the support of such an attorney, justice can be administered in appropriate ways against those who have failed to uphold the public trust as it pertains to providing medical care.

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