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Woman’s estate sues for malpractice due to surgical errors

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2016 | Surgical Errors

A woman’s estate is suing a medical center for medical malpractice following a hip replacement procedure they say left her physically and mentally unable to recover, resulting in her death, according to news sources local to the case. Delaware residents are doubtless aware of the danger of surgical errors in medical procedures. Based on the case laid out by the plaintiff, it appears that errors of this type are at least tangentially related to the suffering she is said to have endured following her procedure. 

According to court records, the woman was under the care of the defendant in late December 2012 and early January 2013. On Nov. 12, 2012 the woman underwent a procedure to replace her hip, being discharged some four days later. She was readmitted in December after it appeared her prosthetic hip had become infected. The wound site was drained and the liner was exchanged.

The recommendation from health care professionals included a six-week course of antibiotics, which the suit says she did not receive. As a result, in January she underwent another surgery to totally remove the artificial hip, replacing it with an antibiotic spacer. The woman’s family says she never fully recovered from these procedures, and she passed away in February 2013.

In this case, surgical errors could have contributed to the initial infection that eventually led to the woman’s death. Delaware residents understand why her family may wish to seek justice in court after a medical misstep of such magnitude. If it can be proved that medical professionals failed to conduct the procedure correctly, and further, that they did not provide necessary medication, the woman’s family could succeed in their suit. 

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