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Surgical errors blamed in malpractice suit

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2016 | Surgical Errors

A couple is suing several doctors as well as the hospital where treatment was received after the husband claims he was given a knee prosthesis that was the wrong size for him. Delaware residents understand how surgical errors in a prosthesis surgery could account for significant suffering and financial damage. The lawsuit was filed on Jan. 15. 

According to the court records, the suit was filed against several doctors and an attendant nurse involved in the procedure, as well as the hospital and a number of health care organizations. The complaint states that the husband was a patient in Feb. 2014, when he received a prosthesis for his knee. The suit specifically alleges that the man was implanted with a knee joint of the wrong size, causing injuries when he attempted to walk unassisted under the supervision of the medical staff. 

The couple are now demanding a jury trial, as well as damages in excess of $50,000. They have secured representation and the case will now enter the discovery phase. This allows for the disclosure of relevant evidence in the possession of each party.

Surgical errors are not limited to mistakes made in the surgical process. In some cases, as can be illustrated here, the error lies in the cause of the surgery itself. Those in Delaware who rely upon prosthetic devices understand how painful and detrimental it can be to receive incorrect implants. Should there be enough evidence to prove that the doctors(s) and/or other defendants involved in this procedure committed medical malpractice, the family could be entitled to a monetary judgment for documented financial losses.

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