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Surgeon accused of surgical errors on 200 patients

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2016 | Surgical Errors

A prominent surgeon is facing a massive number of lawsuits after allegedly botching breast surgeries intentionally. The doctor in question is facing hundreds of medical malpractice suits after being accused of committing surgical errors on everything from tightenings to reductions and enhancements. While Delaware residents recognize many of these surgeries as being elective, the women are claiming a more insidious motivation. 

According to the over 200 suits filed so far, many former patients of the doctor have suggested that he intentionally botched their initial surgeries, requiring them to come back over and over for the initial mistake to be fixed. Their complaints ranged from having their breasts overly enlarged to considerable disfigurement. Many of them complained of both physical and psychological pain. 

The major thrust of the lawsuits is that, in addition to the surgical errors, the doctor allegedly intentionally lied to the women about post-surgery issues they were experiencing. The plaintiffs say this was done intentionally to garner more surgeries, and therefore more money, from each of them. As of this report, the claims are still pending and no final decision has been made. 

Surgical errors are sometimes legitimate mistakes on the part of an otherwise-qualified medical practitioner. While this is no excuse, Delaware residents likely agree it is somewhat less concerning than the idea of a surgeon intentionally injuring patients. While the outcome of these medical malpractice claims remains to be seen, the damages claimed are clearly extensive. Indeed, the public has essentially been warned to exercise caution when considering elective surgeries such as breast implants.

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