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A Historic Winter Storm Causes Serious Accidents And Damage

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2016 | Car Accidents

While this blog typically focuses on medical malpractice issues, we wanted to discuss the impact of the major winter storm that hit Delaware and most of the East Coast.

This storm began on Friday, January 22, and lasted for more than 24 hours. This storm, known by many as Winter Storm Jonas, dumped large amounts of snow across Delaware and caused massive flooding along Delaware’s coastline. Wilmington and surrounding areas were hit with more than a foot of snow. Downstate, snow totals varied substantially. While Reheboth Beach received roughly two inches of snow, Woodside, just south of Dover, received more than 17 inches. Making matters worse, heavy winds created blizzard conditions.

As with any storm of this proportion, slick roads and limited visibility will lead to car accidents. According to The Delaware News Journal, Delaware State Police responded to more than 150 accidents as of 8 pm, Saturday, January 23. At least 16 of these accidents involved injured people. Thankfully, there were no reported deaths in these accidents.

What Are The Next Steps After A Car Accident?

Any person injured in a car accident needs to retain the services of a skilled attorney at the earliest opportunity. An experienced personal injury attorney will be instrumental investigating your case and proving your damages. These damages can include medical expenses, lost income and earning capacity and pain and suffering.

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