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Birth injuries, second degree burn on baby’s foot and ankle

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2015 | Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are a dreadful thought for parents. In Delaware and across the country, parents fear for their children’s lives and safety every day. Expecting parents anticipate the birth of their child and hope everything goes smoothly. Sadly, sometimes birth injuries occur in hospitals.

Days ago a baby girl was born in another state at a reputable medical center. The birth itself was not reported to be a problem, but what happened during a standard procedure following the birth has caused turmoil for the parents of the new baby. A PKU test, which is the routine blood-draw for newborns, was being administered by a nurse when, according to the parent’s complaint, the child suffered second degree burns. 

The father stated that the nurse filled a diaper with water, heated it in a microwave and applied it to the baby’s foot and ankle, causing severe second-degree burns. The hospital is aware of the complaint and is investigating the issue. For the time being, the concerned parents of the newborn are having her treated for the burns and worry about the lasting impacts the burn might have.

Parents rely on doctors and nurses to have the same standard of care for their child that the professionals would have for their own. Birth injuries can occur in any state and at any type of facility. In Delaware, when an injury could have been avoided, parents may choose to seek legal council. A successful medical malpractice lawsuit could provide compensation to help parents and children who are victims of birth injuries to pay for further medical expenses.

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