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Surgical errors may have contributed to woman's death

Medical mistakes can happen to any patient in Delaware. It is unfortunate when mistakes happen that potentially could have been prevented. Recently in another state, a female died after unknown possible surgical errors occurred during her cosmetic procedure.

Man claims surgical errors have caused him permanent pain

Medical technology and advancement over recent years has benefited many Delaware patients. When injuries occur, most patients can be assured that surgery and therapy will aide in recovery. Despite advancements, surgical errors still occur, hindering the healing process for some patients. One man in another state has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a surgical group for the treatment of his broken arm.

Major surgical errors result in removal of healthy kidney

Going under the knife will make most Delaware patients nervous. Mandated policies and procedures are enforced in hospitals across the United States to maximize patient safety and to help ease patient fears. Despite strict policies, surgical errors still occur. A man in another state is facing the unfortunate consequences of his surgeon's apparent disregard to follow standard safety procedures before the patient's healthy kidney was removed instead of his cancerous one.

Surgical errors result in man's healthy kidney removal

Waking up to discover a healthy kidney has been unnecessarily removed is something usually found in horror movies or nightmares. Unfortunately, for one man it is a reality. While some Delaware patients anticipate some minor surgical errors might occur, the mistaken removal of a healthy kidney is not one of them.

Medical and surgical errors can be debilitating to patients

Medical practice standards and pharmaceutical recommendations can change quickly due to new data and research available. Medical professionals in Delaware are responsible for understanding the medicines they administer and the changes in their recommendations. When medical professionals fail to follow current safety guidelines, medical and surgical errors may occur. One 57-year-old woman in another state discovered how her practioner's ignorance of safety guidelines was detrimental to her health and way of life.

Delaware attorneys can help with death cases from surgical errors

The advancement in pharmaceutical therapies and medical technology over the years has saved and prolonged many lives. Unfortunately, along with the improvements, incorrect medical treatment or surgical errors can also cause injury and death. In some instances, medical malpractice attorneys in Delaware may be able to help malpractice victims and/or their families to pursue compensation in civil court for injury and death related expenses. 

Surgical errors may cause physical injury and monetary loss

Most Delaware patients would never imagine that symptoms of acid reflux, nausea and vomiting could lead to the loss of their legs. One woman in another state is alleging that surgical errors during an operation to fix her gastrointestinal symptoms may have ultimately led to her double leg amputation. She has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in her state, seeking compensation for the quality of life lost and the medical expenses that have resulted after her surgeries.

Surgical errors can be debilitating and expensive

Delaware patients expect and demand quality of care when they undergo surgery and otherwise receive medical treatment. Despite best efforts, medical and surgical errors still occur. Following a medical or surgical mistake, a patient may never enjoy life as before. Medical malpractice can result in physical limitations, and related expenses can accumulate quickly.

Doctor faces jail time for serious surgical errors

Some Delaware patients are more comfortable undergoing surgery than others. For many patients, trusting their lives to a surgeon can be a terrifying experience. Often, a doctor's reputation and experience aides in calming a patient's fears. Despite extensive training for surgeons, surgical errors still occur. While some errors may be insignificant to the health of a patient, many may cause life altering disabilities or death.

Filing a wrongful death claim after surgical errors happen

Few Delaware residents go into an operation without at least some concerns that something could go wrong, because every procedure has risks. In some cases, those concerns are founded, and the patient does not survive the surgery. The question then becomes whether surgical errors led to the patient's death. If there is evidence that the surgeon made a mistake, a wrongful death claim might be appropriate.

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