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4 car accidents injured 3 victims in Delware

Distracted driving, speeding, failing to follow traffic laws and other negligent actions can result in unfortunate motor vehicle accidents. Car accidents not only can result in life-altering injuries, but the aftermath that follows may be complicated to sort out. Some accident victims find it beneficial to enlist the assistance of personal injury attorneys as they navigate through vehicle repairs, insurance claims, medical bills and recovery from injuries. Four drivers are likely sorting through the aftermath of the recent multi-vehicle accident they were involved in on a Delaware roadway. 

Apparently, some trash resulted in several vehicles suddenly slowing their speed as they traveled the roadway. One 39-year-old man driving a pickup truck allegedly was not aware of the slowdown and slammed into a car in front of him. Because of his sudden stop, a 70-year-old woman crashed into him. Unfortunately, the chain reaction did not end, and a tractor-trailer rear-ended the 70-year-old woman's truck. The woman's truck hit the first pickup truck an additional time. 

What to do after getting hit by a distracted driver

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of injuries on roadways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that nearly 391,000 people sustained injuries due to distracted driving in 2015 alone. 

In the event of a car accident, you need to take proper steps to protect yourself. Naturally, you want to seek medical attention if you or anyone else is hurt. It helps to see a doctor even if no one is apparently injured. However, there are other steps to take. 

3 common motorcycle accident injuries that result in death

Despite the fact that motorcycles are fuel efficient, convenient and fun, riding a motorcycle requires careful coordination and skill. Your motorcycle lacks the protection and crashworthiness attributes that a car has. Be mindful that your motorcycle is significantly disadvantaged when it comes to weight, visibility and occupant protection.

When a collision occurs with a larger car or truck, serious injury leading to death is a possibility. Keep reading for a summary of the most common fatal injuries for motorcyclists and how you can protect yourself against them.

Woman unknowingly suffers surgical errors and attempted coverup

Delaware residents expect honesty, truth and excellent care from their physicians and medical providers. Unfortunately, one woman learned through the news that she was the subject of a whistleblower lawsuit and that she had suffered surgical errors. After investigating and discovering she had organs unnecessarily removed, she has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against her physicians and the hospital.  

The 46-year-old woman was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. A diagnosis of cancer alone is traumatic and difficult to comprehend, but even with treatment her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was likely to be fatal within five years. She chose to undergo a complicated surgery to remove her pancreas despite the expected short life expectancy. After her pancreas was removed, it was discovered that she did not have cancer and her pancreas had been healthy.

Operating tool results in fatal surgical errors for 2 patients

Delaware patients may not realize how many factors are involved when they choose to have surgery to ensure they have a successful and safe surgery. Patients often resort to trusting their physicians for most of the details involved. Despite physicians desiring the best for their patients, medical and surgical errors still occur. Two lawsuits have been filed in a nearby state against the same surgeon, hospital and a medical device company for the alleged wrongful death of two different women.

One 45-year-old patient who was a mother of three minor children underwent surgery for fibroid tumors. Her brother stated that the patient was very concerned that her fibroid tumors might be cancer, but her physician assured her that they were not. A biopsy prior to her surgery was not ordered, but pathology after her surgery revealed that the tumors were indeed cancerous. The surgeon used a tool during her operation called a power morcellator that spins at high speeds to cut through tissue. The wrongful death lawsuit filed by her family blames the morcellator for spreading cancer cells throughout her abdominal cavity accelerating her cancer.  

The dangers of jumping to conclusions about a car accident

The recent tragic and nationally discussed accident involving tennis professional Venus Williams has put the spotlight on the catastrophic injuries that can result from automobile collisions. Delaware roadways also see their share of deadly accidents. It has also illustrated the reality that initial conclusions based on less than fully vetted facts and evidence may be way off base.

It is very important from both an accuracy perspective as well as ethical compassion to allow Delaware police investigations and evidence development, in the event of a personal injury or fatality resulting from a car accident, to take place before concluding who is at fault. It is also necessary if justice is to be an end result.

Midwife under multiple investigations for birth injuries

Parents in Delaware often experience a mix of emotions when expecting a child that may include excitement, joy, nervousness and fear. Despite advancement in the field of obstetrics, birth injuries still occur and may result in a child's permanent injury or even death. Permanent injury may require a lifetime of expensive medical and specialized care. Recently, a midwife in another state has been placed under investigation for questionable care of her patients.

It is estimated that the midwife has delivered around 4,000 babies during her 34-year-career. Despite her experience, she has also accumulated numerous complaints and lawsuits over the years. The health department in her area has received over 22 complaints, and currently the department is investigating three different patient cases cared for by the midwife. Despite the open investigations, the midwife has been allowed to continue to deliver babies. She has even been sued by her cousin regarding the permanent injury the cousin's son suffered after delivery.

Negligence is only one part of the picture

If you have been injured by a distracted driver, that driver’s possible negligence is one aspect courts look at when determining damages. One way to bring such negligence to light is through phone records. For example, cellphones are the reason many drivers are distracted, and a phone record could show the driver was on a phone call or texting at the time of the accident.

However, it is essential to show your own damages as well. That is, the extent to which the accident and your injuries have affected you.

Company negligence may have led to surgical errors and infections

Technology has significantly advanced the field of all areas of medicine in Delaware and across the country. Because of advanced technology, many complicated surgeries have been reduced to shorter outpatient procedures and surgeries. Simpler surgeries reduce recovery, surgical errors and the chance for other complications. Unfortunately, patient harm can still occur. One family in another state lost their husband and father after he contracted an antibiotic-resistant bacteria from a contaminated surgical tool.

The patient suffered from pancreatic cancer and underwent a procedure involving a gastrointestinal scope. The scopes are often used for diagnosis and treatment of a patient's gastrointestinal tract by placing it down the patient's mouth. After the procedure, the man contracted a deadly bacteria that was traced back to the scope. Apparently, if not properly cleaned, bacteria can become trapped inside of the scope. Sadly, the man was one of 35 patients in the United States believed to have died a result of contaminated scopes.

Doctor accused of surgical errors and negligent care

Many Delaware patients fear going under the knife, because it is well-known that many things can go wrong during surgery. Surgical errors, infection, unexpected reactions and severe pain may occur. When complications of any nature arise as a result of surgery, additional unexpected expensive medical treatment may be required. One surgeon in a nearby state has recently been anonymously reported by other medical staff for a questionable history of inadequate care of his patients over the years.

The surgeon heads the orthopedic department at the facility that employs him. Despite the reputable position, it has been discovered that many complaints have been filed against the surgeon. Not only have complaints been made, but he has been the defendant in10 medical malpractice lawsuits throughout his career.

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