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Family awarded $2.3 million re baby's brain injuries

Most Delaware parents experience a myriad of emotions as they anticipate the birth of a child. Some of those parents may experience more fear and worry regarding their child's well-being when they are prematurely born. A premature birth can result in multiple health conditions, additional medical treatment and expenses. Any medical mistake on a fragile premature baby could result in unnecessary physical harm, brain injuries or even death. Recently, a family in another state was awarded a $2.3 million settlement for the injury of their baby that they asserted was caused by hospital staff negligence.

The baby was born at home almost three months before its due date. After it was born, it was transferred to a hospital for specialized neo-natal care. It was determined that the baby would benefit from a PICC line, which is a special intravenous line placed in patient's vein to deliver medications. Allegedly, the nurses incorrectly inserted the PICC line.

What if the person who hit you is someone you value?

Being hit by a car can lead to untold hours of physical, emotional and financial struggle. Sometimes, it seems that you have no other choice but to sue the person who hit you and/or the person’s insurance company. But what if the person who hit you is someone you value? After all, most car accidents happen relatively close to home. So, it is possible that your favorite neighbor or the person who babysat you 10 years ago may have hit you.

Suing someone you do not know may be difficult enough. But suing someone you care about, especially if you feel there was no malicious intent?

Effects of brain injuries in childhood may last years

Attempting to justify care or therapy for an injury years after healing has occurred may be difficult for some Delaware residents. That difficulty may occur for many young adults who suffered traumatic brain injuries as a child. It has long been believed by medical professionals that once a child's brain injury healed, that children would not likely suffer any long-term effects. A recent study performed in another country has produced data that challenges the current medical thinking. 

To conduct the study, researchers compared two groups of young adults under the age of 18 who suffered different types of injuries. One group suffered broken bones with no head injuries, and the other group suffered mild to severe brain injuries five or more years prior to the study. Researchers compared the two groups after completing diagnostic tests and interviews with psychologists to analyze for the presence of anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other phobias.

Family awarded $15 million for birth injuries

It is well known in Delaware and in other states that many medications can harm an unborn child if taken while a woman is pregnant. Unfortunately, some medications are still prescribed to pregnant mothers that can harm unborn children and may result in birth injuries. One family in another state has been awarded $15 million by a jury for the physical defect her son suffered that may have resulted from the drug Depakote.

The child's mother was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and was prescribed a drug called Depakote while she was pregnant. The now-10-year-old boy was born with spina bifida, which is a birth defect affecting the child's spine. The degree of spina bifida can result in varying disabilities for a person's entire lifetime.  Lawyers argued in the lawsuit that the drug company inadequately informed physicians of potential risks to unborn children when ingested by expectant mothers.

Surgical errors may have contributed to woman's death

Medical mistakes can happen to any patient in Delaware. It is unfortunate when mistakes happen that potentially could have been prevented. Recently in another state, a female died after unknown possible surgical errors occurred during her cosmetic procedure.

The 30-year-old female patient chose to undergo an unknown cosmetic procedure. The 44-year-old doctor who performed her procedure specialized in a Brazilian butt lift surgery that was completed by removing fat from another part of the body by liposuction. Unknown complications occurred during the woman's procedure, and her heart stopped. Reportedly, the doctor was performing CPR on the woman when paramedics arrived, but she did not survive.

Patients may suffer the effects of brain injuries for years

Car accidents, falls, on-the-job accidents and sports injuries can all result in head trauma for Delaware patients. One recent study of war veterans has helped researchers understand the complexity that brain injuries may cause in people. Previously, it was believed that once the injury healed, patients would no longer suffer effects of the injury. The study instead has revealed that effects can linger for years after the brain heals.

Researchers chose to study 50 war veterans with a history of concussion as a result of a blast over many years. The research including monitoring with brain imaging among other methods. Many medical professionals believe that patients with traumatic brain injuries will see no effects one year after the initial injury. The study instead concluded that it was unclear if and when the veterans would stop feeling effects of the injury. Surprisingly, they found many veterans suffered worse symptoms five years after their initial injury.

Man claims surgical errors have caused him permanent pain

Medical technology and advancement over recent years has benefited many Delaware patients. When injuries occur, most patients can be assured that surgery and therapy will aide in recovery. Despite advancements, surgical errors still occur, hindering the healing process for some patients. One man in another state has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a surgical group for the treatment of his broken arm.

The male patient suffered a broken arm after falling at home. He sought treatment, and it was determined that he would benefit from having a plate placed in his arm to aide in his healing. He underwent the surgery and had the plate surgically inserted.

Brain injuries from fall may have resulted in man's death

Because of the injuries that can result, Delaware hospitals and medical institutions have policies and procedures in place to prevent patient falls. Bed alarms, signs, bed rail use, staff or family supervision are all methods hospitals use to prevent patient falls. Despite prevention, falls still occur. One patient in another state suffered a fall and died three days later. His family has filed a medical malpractice law suit against the medical facility, believing the brain injuries that the patient suffered may have resulted in his death.

The 87-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital almost a month prior to his death. He had many medical complaints, including pneumonia, urinary incontinence, possible heart attack and decreased mental capacity. According to records, he was classified as a patient with a high risk for falling early in his hospital stay. Despite knowledge that he was at high risk for falls, allegedly he was alone when he fell.

What to know about Delaware law and motorcyclist helmets

If you are a motorcyclist in Delaware or are thinking about becoming one, it is good to know about helmet laws. In fact, many people assume that all states require motorcyclists to wear helmets, but that is not true.

Delaware is a partial helmet state, meaning that the only people who must wear helmets are those up to 19 years old. However, motorcyclists and their riders must have a helmet for each person handy somewhere on the motorcycle.

Girl's birth injuries: $23.1 million awarded to parents

Despite frequent prenatal visits and care prior to giving birth, childbirth in Delaware does not always go according to plan. Some children suffer unfortunate birth injuries resulting in life long care and dependency on others. One family in another state took their birth injury case to court, and the judge awarded them $23.1 million.

Approximately five years ago, the then 38-year-old mother went into labor. As determined during her prenatal care, a neonatologist would be present at birth due to the mother's high risk pregnancy. At some point during labor, the nurse and the mother of the child became aware of signs that the baby may have been in distress, and the obstetrician performed an emergent cesarean section. Reportedly, the neonatologist was notified of the pending birth, but he did not respond.

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