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Birth injuries: Family awarded $4 million after mother's death

The occurrence of childbirth by cesarean sections is on the rise in Delaware and across the United States. Although, they are often necessary for the health of the mother or child, there are potential risks to both. Birth injuries most often impact the child, but at times the process can be very dangerous and harmful to the mother. A jury in another state just awarded a family $4 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit for the loss of their mother after she delivered her fourth child.

The mother suffered anemia, a low blood count, throughout the duration of her forth pregnancy. Anemia increased the mother's risks during her C-section due to the loss of blood that was expected to occur, as it does with any surgery. Her surgeon accidentally cut her intestine during the surgery, requiring a specialist to intervene and repair the bowel. Due to the extended surgery, the mother lost more blood than anticipated. Blood products were ordered to be ready, but were not given to the woman. 

Man suffers fatal brain injuries after frying pan attack

Armed with two frying pans, a woman recently chased and attacked the man she claimed was her boyfriend. The brain injuries he suffered following the assault resulted in his death less than a month later. Complicating his case was the care and/or lack of care by hospital emergency room staff that may have had the chance to prevent his death. Delaware personal injury attorneys frequently review cases such as this one to assess whether negligent actions may have resulted in a wrongful death.

The 35-year-old man and a father of four children was apparently sharing a residence with his attacker. According to records, she had a previous criminal record. It is unknown how the attack escalated into such a violent manner, but part of the beating was recorded on video. The woman had chased the victim into a convenience store and its surveillance video system recorded the beating just before the woman was stopped by bystanders. She is facing criminal charges for the assault and his death.

Understanding wrong site surgery and its causes

When you are scheduled for surgery, you trust the doctors who will perform the procedure are qualified and attentive. Nobody expects to emerge from surgery worse off than before, but unfortunately, this is sometimes the case. Wrong site surgery is one such example of a medical error that can have disastrous consequences for patients who happen to become victims.

According to the Patient Safety Network, errors such as these occur at a rate of only one in about 113,000, but this still puts a significant number of people at risk. The following are three of the most common causes for such medical errors. Victims of this and other medical errors may consider consulting with a legal representative. 

Doctor's experimental procedure results in surgical errors

In modern times, Delaware patients may find it hard believe that people still falsify credentials. Unfortunately, hundreds of patients in another state have suffered unnecessary painful surgical errors at the hands of a doctor falsely presenting himself as a neurosurgeon. Lawsuits involving the doctor's alleged malpractice have been prolonged over years, but new unheard testimony was recently presented revealing possible hospital cover-up of the malpractice.

The physician accused of performing the malpractice allegedly falsified certifications that he was a certified and trained neurosurgeon. Records indicate that the physician was only a certified anesthesiologist, and did not officially have the license or experience to perform delicate spinal surgeries. Despite his inexperience, the physician was allowed to practice in more than one medical facility, and he claims to have invented a pain reducing procedure. The procedure involved injecting hot bone cement into the spinal discs of patients, which was not standard practice.

Woman explains complications of son's birth injuries

Delaware physicians aim to provide medical care that is in the best interest of the patients and strive to do no harm. Physicians are human, can make mistakes and sometimes execute poor judgment when caring for patients. Unfortunately when a medical mistake occurs, it can result in a lifetime of medical care and consequences for the patient. One mother is promoting a one-armed cartwheel challenge to make people aware of problems that patients experience after unfortunate birth injuries.

The woman's son became stuck during delivery. She explains that his shoulder was rotated and would not move as her physician was trying to deliver him. Reportedly, the physician was concerned about her son's condition and was trying to quickly deliver him to medically intervene. He did survive the birth but suffered nerve and tendon damage called Brachial Plexus Palsy.

Surgical errors result in amputation of man's feet and fingers

Organ transplants have given some Delaware residents a second chance at life. Transplant recipients often feel like they have been given a gift and hope for their remaining life. Sadly, due to apparent surgical errors, a man's transplant in another state became a nightmare.

A preacher and enjoyed his role in his community prior to his transplant, but he suffered medical problems related to his kidneys. Physicians and the pastor determined his best option was to receive a kidney transplant. Fortunately, the pastor did not have to wait for a match as his daughter donated him a kidney. The transplant appeared to go as planned, but after he was discharged to home he began to experience unexpected symptoms.

Complications associated with C-sections

The number of cesarean sections performed in America has steadily increased in recent years, with reporting that you now have a one-in-four chance of delivering your baby via this method. As is the case with any surgery, you assume a certain level of risk by going under the knife, but when you have a C-section, your baby also faces unique risks.

If you have already delivered a baby in the past via a C-section, your doctors may advise you to do the same with subsequent births, in which case you may have time to research the procedure and familiarize yourself with associated risks. Many C-sections, however, are unplanned and scheduled because of emergency conditions, so it is wise to learn and recognize the risks before childbirth, even if you have no plans to deliver your child in this manner.

Unknown surgical errors result in infertility for woman

Many Delaware couples struggle with the ability to become pregnant and start a family. Fortunately, medical advancement has enabled many couples to become pregnant when they previously could not. One couple in another state sought the care and advice of a reproductive and endocrinology specialist and had high hopes that they would start a family with his care. Sadly, due to unknown surgical errors, the couple will never have biological children.

The woman was diagnosed with fibroid uterine tumors, and she chose to have them surgically removed 10 years ago when she was 29 years old. Although fibroid uterine tumors are typically benign, they can inhibit the ability for some women to become pregnant. According to the woman, the doctor implanted a plastic birth control device called a Gore-Tex without her knowledge or consent. She did not become aware of the device until recently when it began to cause medical problems.

Brain injuries can result from even routine operations

The term elective surgery may sometimes lead one to assume that it will be a relatively simple procedure performed by an experienced and competent provider. However, any invasive operation that requires sedation can have significant and long-lasting consequences -- including the risk of brain injuries in some circumstances. Sadly, some Delaware families have witnessed loved ones changed forever due to this type of medical mistake.

Recently, a judge approved a settlement for a case that had been ongoing for several years. According to the lawsuit, a woman had elected to undergo a non-emergency procedure for a hernia repair in her abdomen. Though the entire hospital stay was scheduled to be just for the day, her recovery did not proceed as anticipated and her physician opted to keep her for the night to observe her progress. According to the record, the woman then experienced a significant drop in the amount of oxygen in her bloodstream. The suit alleges that the hospital staff did not respond in a timely manner, and the woman then suffered a debilitating stroke and subsequent brain injury.

Chain reaction car accidents: Several injured, including baby

Driving is not a right so much as it is a privilege. As such, it falls to every driver to ensure that he or she pays diligent attention to the task of operating these large machines in order to forestall the possibility of causing a serious crash. Unfortunately, as several Delaware families recently discovered, these tragic car accidents occur without warning and cause unspeakable harm.

According to officials, a recent multi-vehicle accident left several people with serious injuries. The crash was triggered when a 38-year-old woman, who was driving a large commercial truck, purportedly failed to obey a red traffic signal. She then smashed into the rear of a sedan traveling ahead of her. That impact sent the second car into an SUV carrying two passengers, a 68-year-old man and his 66-year-old companion.

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