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Midwife under multiple investigations for birth injuries

Parents in Delaware often experience a mix of emotions when expecting a child that may include excitement, joy, nervousness and fear. Despite advancement in the field of obstetrics, birth injuries still occur and may result in a child's permanent injury or even death. Permanent injury may require a lifetime of expensive medical and specialized care. Recently, a midwife in another state has been placed under investigation for questionable care of her patients.

Family awarded $15 million for birth injuries

It is well known in Delaware and in other states that many medications can harm an unborn child if taken while a woman is pregnant. Unfortunately, some medications are still prescribed to pregnant mothers that can harm unborn children and may result in birth injuries. One family in another state has been awarded $15 million by a jury for the physical defect her son suffered that may have resulted from the drug Depakote.

Girl's birth injuries: $23.1 million awarded to parents

Despite frequent prenatal visits and care prior to giving birth, childbirth in Delaware does not always go according to plan. Some children suffer unfortunate birth injuries resulting in life long care and dependency on others. One family in another state took their birth injury case to court, and the judge awarded them $23.1 million.

Birth injuries lawsuit results in $42 million award

The birth of a child is a miraculous and special event for most Delaware parents. Unfortunately despite research and advances in medical care, debilitating birth injuries still occur, making many births tragic. With proper care and adequate monitoring, some birth injuries are unnecessary and preventable. A family in a neighboring state was recently awarded $42 million by a federal judge who ruled that their delivering physician's negligence caused undue harm to their son.

Mothers in Delaware can suffer debilitating birth injuries

For many parents in Delaware, the birth of a child is a miraculous experience. Unfortunately for some, it may instead be traumatic. Despite advances in medical experience and technology, birth injuries still occur to both mothers and children. Injuries can result in a lifetime of medical treatment, therapy and related expenses. One woman in a nearby state has filed a lawsuit against a hospital and physician due to the injuries she suffered under their care.

Untreated hypoxia can lead to preventable birth injuries

When a baby fails to receive sufficient oxygen before, during or after delivery, he or she suffers from hypoxia. This lack of oxygen can lead to numerous types of birth injuries that could cause permanent damage to a child. The medical technology available to doctors here in Delaware and elsewhere should be able to detect when conditions exist that could lead to hypoxia. A failure to diagnose and rectify the situation as quickly and safely as possible could constitute medical malpractice.

You have rights when your child suffers birth injuries

Nearly all parents in Delaware want to give their children the opportunity to grow up happy and healthy. When medical mistakes during the delivery rob you and your child of that chance, it can be devastating. Fortunately, you have rights when it comes to seeking restitution for the birth injuries your child suffered.

Some birth injuries cannot be avoided, but many others can

As many Delaware parents know, any number of issues can arise during pregnancy or delivery. Some of these issues result in unavoidable injuries to the infant or the mother. However, many other birth injuries are the result of an error made by a member of the medical team attending to the mother and/or the child.

Birth injuries can be devastating to new Delaware parents

Having a child is supposed to be a joyous occasion for Delaware parents. However, sometimes birth injuries occur that can take away a child's opportunity to live a normal life. When a doctor or nurse is believed to be responsible for those injuries, filing a medical malpractice claim might be appropriate.

Brachial plexus birth injuries could create lasting issues

When damage occurs to the nerves that run from the spine through the shoulder, down the arm and into the hand, the signals can be disrupted, causing permanent injury. This network of nerves is called the brachial plexus. Newborns here in Delaware and elsewhere who suffer birth injuries to this nerve bundle could have permanent issues that limit what they can do as they grow.

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