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The underreporting of medical malpractice fatalities

Many people do not readily know the extent of how often medical malpractice is the actual cause of death. The fatal error may be by overt commission of an act that should not have been taken or, alternatively, by omission or failure to act when a particular action should have been taken.

The dangers of jumping to conclusions about a car accident

The recent tragic and nationally discussed accident involving tennis professional Venus Williams has put the spotlight on the catastrophic injuries that can result from automobile collisions. Delaware roadways also see their share of deadly accidents. It has also illustrated the reality that initial conclusions based on less than fully vetted facts and evidence may be way off base.

Negligence is only one part of the picture

If you have been injured by a distracted driver, that driver’s possible negligence is one aspect courts look at when determining damages. One way to bring such negligence to light is through phone records. For example, cellphones are the reason many drivers are distracted, and a phone record could show the driver was on a phone call or texting at the time of the accident.

Delaware is serious about stopping distracted driving

In the state of Delaware, cell phone-related vehicle accidents keep occurring at an alarmingly steady pace. The U.S. Department of Transportation funded an anti-distracted driving campaign in 2012-2013, but collisions related to mobile phone use have continued to grow.

What if the person who hit you is someone you value?

Being hit by a car can lead to untold hours of physical, emotional and financial struggle. Sometimes, it seems that you have no other choice but to sue the person who hit you and/or the person’s insurance company. But what if the person who hit you is someone you value? After all, most car accidents happen relatively close to home. So, it is possible that your favorite neighbor or the person who babysat you 10 years ago may have hit you.

Car crashes and traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, numbers among the common consequences of a motor vehicle accident. It can occur when the brain suffers an impact, a frequent scenario when a car traveling at high speed crashes to a halt.

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