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Study shows an increased long-term suicide risk following a concussion

A study published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that individuals who sustained concussions were three times more likely to commit suicide. Numerous studies have suggested that there is a link between concussions and suicide for members of the military.

$14.3 million against insurer who lied on brain injuries claim

Delaware and all other states recognize a claim against an insurer for bad faith in handling an insurance claim. A jury in another state recently entered a verdict of $14.3 million against an insurance company and in favor of the parents of a deceased 3-year-old daughter. The parents had brought a medical malpractice suit against the negligent obstetricians, claiming that they caused the brain injuries that ultimately killed the girl. Although the original suit was against the doctors and the hospital, a later procedural twist made the parents in effect the plaintiffs against the doctors' insurance company on a claim of bad faith.

$9.6 million awarded for brain injuries in childbirth case

There are many pitfalls that doctors must anticipate and guard against in the childbirth process. When a recognized safety measure is neglected by the physician, this may constitute medical negligence. When the negligence is a substantial cause of serious injury or death to the baby and/or the mother, a claim for medical malpractice will be recognized under the law of Delaware and other states. In a case originating in another state, a federal judge in U.S. District Court recently awarded $9.6 million to a baby who suffered brain injuries due to a delayed C-section delivery.

Why we should all be concerned about the U.S. nursing shortage

Every day in hospitals around Wilmington and throughout the country, nurses are on the front lines of patient care. During their education to become healthcare professionals, nurses are trained in how to help treat, diagnose, assist and care for patients. Much of a nurse's training and experience, however, are gained on the job as nurses comfort scared patients, help educate patients about health risks and hold the hands of dying patients.

When the birth of a child is marred by errors

Expectant parents spend months preparing for the much-anticipated birth and arrival of a baby. Unfortunately, all of the planning in the world cannot prepare parents for the fear, heartache and pain they often experience when a baby's birth doesn't go as planned. In cases where a mother experiences a difficult delivery, doctors must take extra care to ensure for the health and safety of both mother and baby.

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