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Surgeon's malpractice results in man's severe brain injuries

At the age of 21, many young adults in Delaware are in college, getting jobs, dating and enjoying their youth in various ways. Sadly, after one man's heart surgery, he was destined only to spend the rest of his life being cared for by his family. His case is not unlike others where mistakes are made during surgery that lead to disabilities, brain injuries, unexpected recovery and even death.

What you need to know about car accidents and TBI

A common injury that results from car accidents is a traumatic brain injury. Per data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2006-2010, car accidents ranked third in the causes of TBI and second for deaths related to TBI. The same data indicates car accidents were the leading cause of TBI-related deaths in children and adults from age five to 24 years. Adolescents and adults from age 15 to 44 years were hospitalized the most from car accidents causing TBI. Learn more about TBI following a car accident.

Common types of brain injuries

Brain injuries are all too common in today's world. Car accidents, sports and even some medical treatment can leave you with an injury that affects the rest of your life. Depending on the amount of force and the type of force that impacts the head, the brain can receive several types of injury. Some are grave and serious while others can be treated quickly, but most brain injuries require immediate medical attention so there is no further damage. Knowing what to watch for and how brain injuries may be categorized can help you determine when an injury has occurred.

Motorcyclists are a high risk group for brain injuries in crashes

Delaware motorcyclists do not enjoy the same protections as those in passenger vehicles. This increases their risk of brain injuries if they are involved in a crash. If an accident was caused by another motorist, victims might be able to receive restitution to help with the financial burdens that dealing with these and other injuries can cause.

Were baby's brain injuries caused by medical negligence?

When a Delaware woman is expecting a child, any change in her health or the movement of the baby might cause panic. Many obstetricians' offices more than likely field questions daily from pregnant mothers who are unsure whether what they are feeling, or are not feeling, could mean a problem with the baby. Not every concern should require a visit to the hospital, but if some issues are not investigated, the baby could end up with brain injuries or some other lifelong malady. There is sometimes a fine line between an overreacting mother and medical negligence when medical personnel ignore complaints and concerns.

Woman blames brain injuries on failure to diagnose

Many Delaware residents suffer from severe headaches and migraines without any underlying brain issues. However, sometimes, those headaches are an indication of a larger problem. If a doctor fails to take the appropriate steps to ensure that a proper diagnosis is made, permanent brain injuries can occur. This is what one out-of-state woman said happened to her.

Permanent brain injuries can result from cerebral hypoxia

Without oxygen, damage will be done to the body. The brain could suffer the most harm if a Delaware resident is denied oxygen for an extended period. Permanent brain injuries can result from a condition called cerebral hypoxia, which in the simplest terms means that the brain is not getting the oxygen it needs.

Brain injuries can result from medication mistakes

Numerous Delaware residents rely on pharmaceuticals to control acute or chronic conditions. The side effects of many of these medications can cause brain injuries, heart attacks and organ damage, among other injuries. Some patients even die. For those who survive, the lifelong implications of these injuries could make it difficult to have a normal life.

Brain injuries caused by hypoxia

Medical researchers learn more about the human body all of the time and pass on their discoveries to medical professionals everywhere, including those here in Delaware. For instance, it was discovered that the human brain begins to die after it has been without oxygen for approximately six minutes. However, irreversible brain injuries can occur when it is deprived of oxygen for at least three minutes.

Woman dies of brain injuries; family sues for malpractice

A pregnant woman who tragically died has finally been given justice by a state court, according to local sources. The 24-year-old woman passed away as a result of complications of brain injuries she apparently received while in the hospital. Delaware residents will be pleased to hear that her family, including her daughter who is now two years old, have been awarded $4.3 million in damages. 

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