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2 patients die from surgical errors that resulted in infection

Any Delaware patient that chooses to read a surgical consent form will likely be aware that infection is a listed possible risk of any surgery. Any time surgical errors occur, the risk of infection and other complications significantly increase. Unfortunately, any infection can be deadly if not treated appropriately. Two families in another state feel that their loved one's fatal infections were not managed well and were likely preventable. Separate lawsuits have been filed in civil court.

Surgical errors: Family recieves $10 millon for wrongful death

Medical malpractice errors occur on a regular basis in Delaware. Medical malpractice errors may include classic surgical errors such as incorrect body part removal, tissue damage, severe loss of blood, blood clots, infection and more. Failure to provide a potentially life-saving surgery in a timely manner can also constitute an unnecessary surgical error. One jury in another state recently awarded a family $10 million for the loss of their mother due to her physician's failure to coordinate and provide the woman the surgery she required.

Surgical errors: Woman awarded $1.2 million after nerve injury

Many Delaware high school students consider the prom a right of passage. Many spend hours planning and prepping for the memorable night. One girl in a nearby state attended her prom but could not dance with her peers. The victim of surgical errors, she spent months in a wheelchair and undergoing therapy.

Doctor's experimental procedure results in surgical errors

In modern times, Delaware patients may find it hard believe that people still falsify credentials. Unfortunately, hundreds of patients in another state have suffered unnecessary painful surgical errors at the hands of a doctor falsely presenting himself as a neurosurgeon. Lawsuits involving the doctor's alleged malpractice have been prolonged over years, but new unheard testimony was recently presented revealing possible hospital cover-up of the malpractice.

Surgical errors result in amputation of man's feet and fingers

Organ transplants have given some Delaware residents a second chance at life. Transplant recipients often feel like they have been given a gift and hope for their remaining life. Sadly, due to apparent surgical errors, a man's transplant in another state became a nightmare.

Unknown surgical errors result in infertility for woman

Many Delaware couples struggle with the ability to become pregnant and start a family. Fortunately, medical advancement has enabled many couples to become pregnant when they previously could not. One couple in another state sought the care and advice of a reproductive and endocrinology specialist and had high hopes that they would start a family with his care. Sadly, due to unknown surgical errors, the couple will never have biological children.

Jury says surgical errors resulted in man's death

The end of the year is a popular and busy time for elective surgeries to occur in Delaware medical facilities and across the country. Many patients elect to have surgeries at the end of the year to avoid a new year's deductible and to take advantage of the provided time off of work for the holidays for their recovery. Unfortunately for one woman, surgical errors and hospital negligence resulted in spending the holidays without her husband.

Woman unknowingly suffers surgical errors and attempted coverup

Delaware residents expect honesty, truth and excellent care from their physicians and medical providers. Unfortunately, one woman learned through the news that she was the subject of a whistleblower lawsuit and that she had suffered surgical errors. After investigating and discovering she had organs unnecessarily removed, she has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against her physicians and the hospital.  

Operating tool results in fatal surgical errors for 2 patients

Delaware patients may not realize how many factors are involved when they choose to have surgery to ensure they have a successful and safe surgery. Patients often resort to trusting their physicians for most of the details involved. Despite physicians desiring the best for their patients, medical and surgical errors still occur. Two lawsuits have been filed in a nearby state against the same surgeon, hospital and a medical device company for the alleged wrongful death of two different women.

Company negligence may have led to surgical errors and infections

Technology has significantly advanced the field of all areas of medicine in Delaware and across the country. Because of advanced technology, many complicated surgeries have been reduced to shorter outpatient procedures and surgeries. Simpler surgeries reduce recovery, surgical errors and the chance for other complications. Unfortunately, patient harm can still occur. One family in another state lost their husband and father after he contracted an antibiotic-resistant bacteria from a contaminated surgical tool.

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