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Car accidents: Tragic crash claims the life of a teenager

It seems that roadways across the state of Delaware are becoming more and more dangerous every year. Unfortunately, most Delaware drivers will experience car accidents at some point in their lives. A recent crash in Smyrna claimed the life of a high school student and injured several others.

Car accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to be fatal

Motorcycles are fun, but they can also be very dangerous. What makes motorcycles so dangerous are not the motorcycles themselves, but the other vehicles on the roadway. Roads across Delaware are constantly congested these days, increasing the odds for an accident. Motorcycles can be hard for other drivers to spot and, since motorcyclists are minimally protected, car accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to be fatal. 

Car accidents: 3-vehicle Delaware crash injures 8 people

Motor vehicles are a daily necessity for the vast majority of Delaware residents. However, due to the high volumes of traffic, car accidents are increasing on roadways across the state. Unfortunately, thousands of people in the United States lose their lives in traffic accidents every year. A recent crash in Milford resulted in serious injuries to three adults and five children.

Car accidents: Officers injured in accident with tractor-trailer

Today, the United States economy is growing exponentially. This prosperous economic growth means there is a greater need to transport goods and merchandise throughout the country. For many companies, the most efficient and cost-effective way to do this is by using tractor-trailers. Traveling on an interstate at high speeds beside these massive trucks can definitely be intimidating for motorists in smaller passengers vehicles. Tragically, car accidents involving tractor-trailers injure thousands every year in Delaware and across the country.

Car accidents: 10 people injured in 2-vehicle crash

Roadways in Delaware these days are fraught with danger. Just getting from point A to point B can be challenging. Even a short drive has the potential to turn into a very serious or fatal accident. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time, and, with roads as crowded as they are today, car accidents are an almost certainty. A recent two-vehicle crash in Glasgow injured 10 people.

Car accidents: Woman seriously injured when van runs red light

It goes without saying that no person wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. However, as populations continue to rise in Delaware, the odds for car accidents will increase. Roadways have become very dangerous across the state. Tragically, nearly 20 people have been killed in traffic accidents so far this year in Delaware. State officials and police forces have taken measures to make roadways safer, but despite these measures, accidents will continue to happen.

Car accidents are becoming common on Interstate 95

For many motorists, the interstate highways that criss-cross the United States are the most convenient and efficient roadways on which to travel. Interstate 95 in particular is one of the longest interstate highways in the country, stretching almost 2,000 miles along the east coast of the United States. A portion of I-95 also crosses the northern end of Delaware. Since this section of I-95 is always busy, car accidents are very common.

Car accidents: Watch out for pedestrians as temperatures rise

As warmer weather arrives in Delaware, there will be more people running and walking alongside crowded roadways. Walking is also a main source of transportation for many residents during the warmer months. Due to the increased foot traffic during spring and summer, car accidents involving pedestrians happen more often this time of year. Unfortunately, these types of accidents usually end in serious injury or death.

Car accidents: Another life lost on a Delaware roadway

Delaware is a small, densely populated state. Roadways are always crowded and frequently congested, especially in cities such as Dover and Wilmington. Unfortunately, many roads in Delaware were designed decades ago during a time when populations and traffic volumes were lower. Many roadways were not built to handle the high traffic volumes that are the norm these days. These are just some of the many factors that have contributed to high numbers of car accidents in recent years.

Losing focus for a split second could result in car accidents

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that people partake in each day. Staying attentive and alert behind the wheel is common knowledge, yet so many Delaware drivers these days will let minor distractions take their attention off of the road. When driving, losing focus for just a split second is enough to cause deadly car accidents. Automobile related accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States.

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