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Car accidents: Collison results in serious injury, fatality

In the blink of an eye, a collision with another vehicle can change a person's life. Serious car accidents can result in permanent injury, hefty medical bills and even death. Sadly, two people were seriously injured in a recent Delaware collision; one victim did not survive.

Car accidents: Pedestrain killed near light home light display

Many areas across the country have homeowners with large light displays around this time of year. Many flock to view the displays due to their numerous lights, themed shows, uncountable character blow-ups and activities for families to enjoy. The displays have not only become a tradition for many, but they may also become a traffic nightmare. Car accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, the crowds drawn to a popular light display in Delaware resulted in one man's death.

Car accidents: Missed stop sign results in tragedy

Life can change in an instant. While some change is positive, unexpected change is often the result of undesired life events. Unfortunately, car accidents are unwanted life events and can result in a change in the quality of life for anyone involved. One recent tragic Delaware crash changed multiple lives in a matter of moments.

Delaware car accidents: 2 bicylists killed after crash

Sadly, some people in Delaware find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time through no fault of their own. Recently, two men lost their lives when they became victims of a deadly car crash. Dealing with the aftermath of car accidents such as this one can be confusing and complicated for loved ones of deceased victims.

Car accidents: Porsche collides with school bus, injuring 8 kids

It is terrifying for parents to receive a call that their child has been injured or harmed. Recently, multiple Delaware parents received calls after their children were involved in an accident on their morning bus commute to school. Unfortunately, injuries resulting from similar car accidents can be expensive, and some injuries can impact people's health and way of life indefinitely.

Chain reaction car accidents: Several injured, including baby

Driving is not a right so much as it is a privilege. As such, it falls to every driver to ensure that he or she pays diligent attention to the task of operating these large machines in order to forestall the possibility of causing a serious crash. Unfortunately, as several Delaware families recently discovered, these tragic car accidents occur without warning and cause unspeakable harm.

Delaware car accidents: Driver runs red light killing another

Injuries, property damage and death can all result from motor vehicle accidents. Unknown to many victims is the financial, physical and emotional stress that may also occur after serious car accidents. One recent multi-vehicle accident in Delaware ended in tragedy for one unsuspecting driver.

Products liability: Delware man injured by exploding battery

Vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes has become very popular in recent years. It is estimated that 2.5 million people use e-cigarettes. As with any electronic device, the e-cigarettes require battery power to be operated. Unfortunately, some of the batteries have not remained stable and have exploded on people. One Delaware man suffered personal injuries as a result of an exploding battery and with has since filed a products liability lawsuit against the store who sold it to him. 

4 car accidents injured 3 victims in Delware

Distracted driving, speeding, failing to follow traffic laws and other negligent actions can result in unfortunate motor vehicle accidents. Car accidents not only can result in life-altering injuries, but the aftermath that follows may be complicated to sort out. Some accident victims find it beneficial to enlist the assistance of personal injury attorneys as they navigate through vehicle repairs, insurance claims, medical bills and recovery from injuries. Four drivers are likely sorting through the aftermath of the recent multi-vehicle accident they were involved in on a Delaware roadway. 

Delaware car accidents: Woman seriously injured, man dead

Motor vehicle collisions can forever alter the lives of anyone involved. The aftermath of a car accidents can be overwhelming for victims and their family members. Not only will victims likely experience significant emotional and physical trauma, but there are many unexpected related expenses. One recent tragic Delaware accident ended with a fatality and a young woman seriously injured.

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