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Car accidents happening more and more on crowded Delaware roads

When compared to the rest of the country, Delaware is a relatively small state. Although small in size, the state is densely populated. Roadways here experience extremely high traffic volumes resulting in constant congestion. Safely operating a motor vehicle on these crowded roads takes constant focus and attention. Unfortunately, not all drivers these days are cautious behind the wheel, which often leads to car accidents.

Car accidents with motorcycles can be deadly

Motorcycles can be a fun and economical form of transportation. However, those who travel by motorcycle face unique dangers as roadways across Delaware are often crowded and congested. Being visible to other drivers can be a concern for motorcyclists, since motorcycles are usually more difficult to see than most other vehicles. Also, those who travel by motorcycle are completely exposed, so car accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to result in serious injury or death.

Car accidents: Man faces serious charges after crash

It is common knowledge that driving while under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous things a person can do. While intoxicated, motor skills are greatly impaired and the simplest tasks become extremely difficult. Those who get behind the wheel while intoxicated risk the lives of all those around them and car accidents become almost a guarantee. A Delaware man faces several charges after he caused an accident that injured several people, including two children.

Fatal car accidents are on the rise across Delaware

Roadways across the state of Delaware are overcrowded and constantly congested. Navigating these crowded roads may be the most dangerous daily task in the lives of most Delaware citizens. Although updated traffic laws and increased safety measures have made traveling somewhat safer, car accidents are still happening at an alarming rate. Recently, an accident in Milford claimed the life of a woman and injured several others.

Car accidents involving drunk drivers injure thousands every year

Despite stringent traffic laws and increased public awareness campaigns, driving while under the influence of alcohol continues to be a big problem on roadways in Delaware and across the country. Statistics indicate that almost 29 people are killed every day in the United States due to car accidents with drunk drivers. Recently, a Millsboro man was hit with serious charges after a crash that injured two people.

Car accidents: Child killed in tragic crash

Its no secret that roadways across the state of Delaware are dangerous. These days, car accidents are happening more frequently due to the sheer number of vehicles sharing roadways. Most accidents are minor fender benders and nothing more than inconveniences. However, a greater number of accidents are proving to be serious or fatal. Recently, a 6-year-old girl lost her life in a tragic accident that also injured several others.

Car accidents are almost inevitable on crowded Delaware roads

Roadways are becoming increasingly crowded as populations increase in the state of Delaware. As more and more people move here to take advantage of the wonderful economic opportunities available across the state, the sudden influx of traffic often causes frequent congestion on streets and highways. This can make driving one of the most dangerous and difficult daily activities for those who live and work in Delaware. Overcrowded roadways combined with impatient or reckless drivers make car accidents almost inevitable

Barriers could prevent fatal car accidents on Delaware Route 1

State officials often update or build infrastructure projects to keep people safe. One Delaware project that has been discussed is the addition of cable median barriers on Route 1. The roadway, which stretches from Christiana through the beaches of Delaware, is a common location for fatal car accidents. However, there are questions as to whether investing in cable median barriers is a possibility anytime soon.

Del. 1 highway sees multiple recent fatal car accidents

It's no secret that certain locations seem to be hotbeds for car accidents. A recent fatal accident on Del. 1 made headlines after a father and his four daughters were killed. This is just one of multiple fatal car accidents on the Delaware highway, all of which included vehicles entering oncoming traffic after crossing the median. Here are just a few of the recent incidents

How to help people in car accidents and other emergencies

It can be frightening to see or be involved in an emergency incident. There are many possible emergency situations that may arise around Delaware, such as car accidents or farming equipment injuries. These situations may require immediate medical response, and those who have basic information about what to do will be better equipped to respond.

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