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Dumping patients from the ER is more common than you think

When your loved one goes to the hospital, you want only the best care for him or her. It would be appalling to find out that your relative received substandard treatment or was released before he or she was ready into an environment that might result in harm. Unfortunately for many patients in Delaware and elsewhere, this scenario is all too common.

Note to Tesla drivers: Autopilot does not mean self-driving

The Autopilot driver assistance program that is present in Tesla vehicles is an amazing piece of technology. Tesla owners in Delaware and across the country can enjoy such conveniences as assistance with parallel parking and backing out of spaces, as well as safety features such as assisted braking and improved accuracy in changing lanes. However, some Tesla owners may falsely think the Autopilot feature lets them divert their attention from driving. Whether you own a Tesla or share the road with one of these innovative vehicles, it is important to understand the intention behind the use of this technology.

Risks for birth injuries in Delaware newborns

Giving birth in Delaware is a process that requires many important decisions. In all the choices you make leading up to your baby's birth, the one thing you likely feel confident about is that you will have a safe birth in which you and your newborn will receive excellent care.

What you should know about brain injuries after a car crash

When you hear about internal injuries, you may think primarily of organs in your chest or abdomen. However, after a car accident, an internal head injury may be more likely than a damaged kidney or punctured lung. Not only that, but you could also sustain a serious brain injury without even hitting your head if the force of the collision causes your brain to hit the inside of your skull.

Birth injuries resulting in permanent injury in Delaware

The time from pregnancy to birth often contains joy and excitement. However, when something goes wrong during pregnancy or delivery, a dream can easily become a nightmare. With many hospital professionals involved in a delivery, from nurses to OB/GYNs and other hospital staff, a mistake on anyone's part can result in permanent injury or damage to the mother or newborn.

3 risks of self-driving cars

Experts in the technology and automotive industries are deadset on the future of self-driving cars. They claim that the roads will be full of them and that it is just a matter of time until that becomes reality. However, can a fully autonomous car without any manual navigation really be safe?

Can you file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Delaware?

The term "medical malpractice" is quite broad and general. It can be difficult to know exactly when it applies. If you or a member of your family in the state of Delaware suspects that you have a case of medical malpractice on your hands, it is a good idea to inform yourself about a few of the basic premises of this type of claim.

How to avoid serious injury in a car accident

When you get in your car every morning in the Wilmington area to drop your kids off to school and go to work, the last thing on your mind is a car accident. As common as they are, very few motorists think about them until they are faced with a collision that causes them serious injury. 

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