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Birth injuries: Mother awarded over $73 million in lawsuit

One of the most wonderful and joyous occasions in the lives of Delaware parents is the birth of their children. Childbirth is an extensive process, and one that must be handled with care and precision. Any mistake made during childbirth can result in birth injuries that may impact the child for the rest of his or her life. A mother in another state recently received a over $73 million from a lawsuit that was filed after her child was injured during birth.

Birth injuries and defects can be the result of negligent care

The arrival of a new baby is one of the most joyful events in life. Though the majority of births go as planned, there are times when the actions or decisions of medical providers can result in children suffering the negative consequences of birth injuries. Delaware families who are struggling to care for an injured child do have recourse to seek a remedy.

U.S. mothers suffer more birth injuries than any developed nation

Many people hope for the best medical care possible when preparing to have a baby. However, a USA Today investigation found that women in the United States, including many here in Delaware, may want to think twice about their quality of care. According to their journalism, mothers suffer more birth injuries in this country than anywhere else in the developed world.

Understanding the difference between birth injuries and defects

Everyone hopes for a healthy birth when having a baby. While things usually go as planned, occasionally things go awry. While defects may be unavoidable at times medical malpractice before or during the birth may be at play with injuries. It is important for Delaware parents to know the difference between birth defects and birth injuries under the law, as well as who is responsible when things go wrong in the delivery room.

Reasons for common birth injuries have changed since 1970

Health care is a field where better methods are constantly being discovered, so there is no wonder that childbirth has become safer over time. Despite the many strides that have been made in maternal and infant health care, birth injuries still occur in Delaware and throughout the United States. Understanding the most common labor complications today compared to the issues women faced 50 years ago can offer some insight into how times have changed and what remains to be addressed.

Birth injuries: Needle left in woman's spine for 14 years

Childbirth can be dangerous for either the mother, baby or both. There are numerous medical concerns that must be handled with care. Delaware mothers who have suffered injuries or their child has suffered birth injuries may be interested in one mother's ordeal following her cesarean section.

Birth injuries: Lawsuit settled for improper disposal of baby

Losing a child is devastating for any parent no matter the age. Sadly, many expectant mothers lose a child before they are able to meet in person. Sometimes a death prior to birth is random, and sometimes it is due to suffering birth injuries. One mother in another state lost a child prematurely to natural causes, but the hospital's actions following her child's birth has caused her emotional distress. Delaware readers may be interested to learn why she chose to file a lawsuit.

Birth injuries: Parents awarded $800,000 after child born dead

When an expectant mother goes into labor there is a lot of excitement, anticipation and naturally some fear. Having made it to the end of a pregnancy, most mothers would not expect to suffer or have their child suffer a birth injury. Unfortunately, birth injuries do occur and may threaten the life or quality of life of the child. Delaware parents may be interested to understand why one couple filed a lawsuit following the birth of their child.

$11.35 million awarded for birth injuries 16 years after delivery

Childbirth is a unique and wonderful experience. Unfortunately, unexpected birth injuries can hinder the experience, often resulting in expensive care, a decrease in the quality of life and sometimes even death. Delaware parents may be interested in a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state in which a jury recently awarded two parents a verdict of $11.35 million. 

Family whose son suffered serious birth injuries wins appeal

One of the proudest moments in a mother's life is when her child is born. Sadly, not every birth is a joyous occasion, especially when an infant suffers serious birth injuries. There are likely many Delaware families who have experienced this particular heartache first hand.

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