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February 2020 Archives

When things go wrong in hospitals, patients can suffer

When you to go to the hospital, you do so because you need medical treatment and care that you cannot get from a doctor's office. Whether it's for surgery, medical tests or other reasons, you trust that the hospital staff and providers will treat your medical concern and provide you with quality care. Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

Distracted driving can lead to serious and fatal car accidents

These days, nearly every person has a smartphone. The convenience provided by this technology can certainly enhance the lives of Delaware residents. However, these devices can also be blamed for the rise in car accidents. Distracted driving continues to be a major problem in this country. Recently, an off-duty police officer was hit with serious charges after his distracted driving caused a fatal crash.

Birth injuries: Alleged negligent care leads to death of twin

Because of stringent regulations and amazing advancements in medical technology, many people think that childbirth is a fairly routine and safe process. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. Birth injuries continue to happen at a high rate in Delaware and across the nation. The birth of a child should be a time for joy and celebration, but it turned into a tragic and traumatic event for a mother in another state.

Car accidents: Impaired driver causes fatal crash

Unfortunately, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol continues to be a big problem in the state of Delaware. Impaired driving is not only reckless and incredibly irresponsible, it is one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents across the United States. Those who drive while intoxicated not only endanger themselves, they endanger the lives of all those around them. Recently, according to police, an impaired driver caused a crash that took the life of a man in Milton.

Surgical errors during a spinal procedure can be debilitating

The spinal column is one of the most crucial parts of the human body. A human spine is very complex and is made up of 33 individual bones stacked vertically. As a person ages, some of these bones can begin to deteriorate. Consequently, spinal surgeries are fairly common in Delaware and across the country. However, surgical errors during these procedures can result in excruciating pain and permanent disabilities.

Woman sues surgeon after he allegedly admits to surgical errors

It is understood that there are risks associated with any surgical procedure. Patients undergo surgeries to remedy problems or medical conditions, not to make the problems worse. However, surgeons are human, and humans will undoubtedly make mistakes. Unfortunately, surgical errors kill and injure thousands of people every year in Delaware and across the United States.

Car accidents: Stay alert when driving near commercial vehicles

The U.S. economy is booming. As a result, more goods and merchandise are being shipped back and forth across the country than ever before. Large commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers frequently utilize interstates and highways in Delaware, which means motorists in smaller passenger vehicles will be in close proximity to these big rigs. Car accidents involving large commercial vehicles have a higher chance of being serious or fatal, so drivers should always be cautious and practice defensive driving when traveling on crowded roadways.

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