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January 2020 Archives

No person should have to accept surgical errors

Errors or mistakes during medical treatment can have serious consequences for patients and families. Those in Delaware who undergo surgical procedures understand that there are certain risks associated with any surgery, but they should not have to accept a mistake caused by the negligence of a surgeon or doctor. Unfortunately, thousands of surgical errors occur every year in the United States.

Distracted driving statistics are harrowing, but issues continue

While going to work, taking the kids to school or running errands, you have undoubtedly seen many drivers with their heads down likely looking at their phones. You may shake your head and try to distance yourself from those drivers because you know they are not paying attention to the road.

These driving tips could help prevent car accidents

Operating a motor vehicle is one of the most dangerous things a person can do on a daily basis. Thanks to cell phones and other gadgets, more and more drivers these days are driving while distracted. This could be a big reason why fatal car accidents are increasing at an alarming rate. Traffic-related crashes are one of the leading causes of death and injury in Delaware and across the country. Here are a few things for drivers to keep in mind as they travel.

Birth injuries: Family receives multimillion dollar settlement

Thousands of babies are born every day in Delaware and across the country. Childbirth has evolved into a fairly routine process, so one would think that complications during this process are few and far between. Unfortunately, this is not the case. More birth injuries occur in the United States than in any other developed country.

Car accidents: Recent study shows deaths continue to increase

They say getting there is half the fun, but traveling these days can be treacherous. Despite stringent traffic laws and increased safety measures, roadways across the state of Delaware are becoming more dangerous every year. According to a recent study, deaths related to car accidents increased last year in Delaware.

Do you consider self-driving vehicles safe?

If you've read any of the media coverage surrounding self-driving vehicles, you may have concerns about how safe these vehicles may be. After all, how safe can a vehicle be if there is no one driving it? Can you assume that technology is advanced enough to safely operate a motor vehicle on its own? These are only a few of the many questions people in Delaware may have regarding automated vehicles. 

Cognitive distraction and how it plays a role in many car crashes

Car accidents happen for many reasons, but often they are the result of some type of human error. People think they can multi-task or they underestimate the danger or risk associated with certain types of behaviors. As a result, they needlessly endanger themselves and others on the road, sometimes even causing accidents that leave others injured. 

Surgical errors and negligence lead to woman's amputation

Surgeons in Delaware and across the country perform literally thousands of surgical procedures every day. These skilled surgeons combine their expertise with state-of-the-art medical technology to produce beneficial outcomes for the vast majority of their patients. However, no amount of technology or skill can totally prevent surgical errors from happening. A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she lost her leg, apparently due to a foreign object that was left inside of her.

Safe driving habits don't always prevent car accidents

Every driver knows that traveling can be treacherous these days. In the state of Delaware, high traffic volumes exist at nearly all hours of the day. To avoid car accidents, drivers must always be attentive and focused behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there are some who will choose to drive while intoxicated or impaired, and by doing so, they endanger the lives of all those around them.

Issues that signify a high-risk pregnancy

You've likely heard about certain factors that most obstetricians would consider cause for concern or at least close monitoring during pregnancy. If you are pregnant and have given birth multiple times before, and especially if you are age 35 or older, your Delaware medical team will want to keep a close watch on both yours and your baby's health.

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