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September 2018 Archives

Birth injuries: understanding Erb’s palsy

As a mom-to-be in Delaware, the health, welfare and safety of your developing baby likely is foremost in your mind. That is why you do everything you can to ensure your own health and safety during your pregnancy. Unfortunately, however, you cannot control every aspect of your baby’s delivery and birth.

Brain injuries: Surgery for phantom tumor leaves man disabled

The brain is one of the most important but delicate organs in the human body. The brain consciously or subconsciously controls every function in the body, and without it, life would be impossible. When treating brain injuries, doctors and surgeons in Delaware and across the country must be extremely cautious and thorough. Any mistake, no matter how small, can have disastrous and far-reaching effects on patients and their families.

Woman suffers permanent brain injuries in routine procedure

With stringent patient safety regulations and modern technological advancements, medical care in Delaware and across the United States should be safer than ever before. However, statistics show that negligence during medical procedures continues to be one of the leading causes of death and injury in the country. When health care providers fail to handle even the most routine procedures with care, the consequences can be traumatic for the patient. A couple in another state was awarded almost $4 million after alleged negligence caused a woman to suffer permanent brain injuries.

Car accidents: Child killed in tragic crash

Its no secret that roadways across the state of Delaware are dangerous. These days, car accidents are happening more frequently due to the sheer number of vehicles sharing roadways. Most accidents are minor fender benders and nothing more than inconveniences. However, a greater number of accidents are proving to be serious or fatal. Recently, a 6-year-old girl lost her life in a tragic accident that also injured several others.

Woman says surgical errors caused her pain and injuries

Every day in the United States, thousands of patients undergo surgical procedures. These patients place their lives in the hands of surgeons, physicians and nurses. Although most of these surgeries are minor and routine, one seemingly minor mistake in any medical procedure can lead to a lifetime of disabilities for the patient. Tragically, surgical errors continue to be a leading cause of injury in Delaware and across the country.

Surgical errors: Woman awarded over $2 million in lawsuit

Fortunately, updated safety measures and technological advancements have made surgeries and other medical procedures safer than ever before. However, there is always a certain amount of risk involved with any surgical procedure. Although Delaware is home to some of the best surgeons and physicians in the world, these medical professionals can still make mistakes. When surgical errors are made, the patient suffers the consequences.

Car accidents are almost inevitable on crowded Delaware roads

Roadways are becoming increasingly crowded as populations increase in the state of Delaware. As more and more people move here to take advantage of the wonderful economic opportunities available across the state, the sudden influx of traffic often causes frequent congestion on streets and highways. This can make driving one of the most dangerous and difficult daily activities for those who live and work in Delaware. Overcrowded roadways combined with impatient or reckless drivers make car accidents almost inevitable

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