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July 2018 Archives

New blood test may help diagnose traumatic brain injuries

Once of the biggest medical challenges when it comes to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) is the diagnosis of brain trauma. Physicians in Delaware and around the world have traditionally needed to depend on symptoms like headaches and sensitivity to decide whether a CT scan was necessary in concussion cases. However, a new blood test may be able to identify brain injuries with more certainty.

Understanding common causes of surgical errors in the U.S.

Preventable errors can have serious consequences in a medical procedure. Each year in the United States, thousands of surgical errors occur. Delaware patients may understand the "ordinary" risks of surgery, but should not have to accept an error caused by the negligence of a surgeon. If a preventable mistake occurs, it could have major ramifications on a patient's life.

U.S. mothers suffer more birth injuries than any developed nation

Many people hope for the best medical care possible when preparing to have a baby. However, a USA Today investigation found that women in the United States, including many here in Delaware, may want to think twice about their quality of care. According to their journalism, mothers suffer more birth injuries in this country than anywhere else in the developed world.

Barriers could prevent fatal car accidents on Delaware Route 1

State officials often update or build infrastructure projects to keep people safe. One Delaware project that has been discussed is the addition of cable median barriers on Route 1. The roadway, which stretches from Christiana through the beaches of Delaware, is a common location for fatal car accidents. However, there are questions as to whether investing in cable median barriers is a possibility anytime soon.

Can bicyclists get a fair shake after being injured by a car?

If you are a bicyclist, you have probably experienced lots of unfair treatment. Cars may follow you too closely or not slow down to pass you, and drivers may even insult you to your face. So, if a vehicle has struck and injured you, it is natural to wonder whether you can get fair treatment from doctors, insurance companies and the legal system--the same kind of treatment you would receive if you were in a car instead of on a bicycle when hit.

Is physician burnout to blame for medical errors?

Preventing medical malpractice is a priority for many people. As a result, multiple studies have taken aim at understanding the root cause of medical errors. Delaware health care professionals and patients alike may find the results of a new study particularly interesting, as it shows how physician burnout may be contributing to these problems.

Del. 1 highway sees multiple recent fatal car accidents

It's no secret that certain locations seem to be hotbeds for car accidents. A recent fatal accident on Del. 1 made headlines after a father and his four daughters were killed. This is just one of multiple fatal car accidents on the Delaware highway, all of which included vehicles entering oncoming traffic after crossing the median. Here are just a few of the recent incidents

Research suggests mixed teams could prevent surgical errors

Teamwork between co-workers is important in any workplace, but it can be particularly critical in a life or death situation. That's why one researcher is looking into how group dynamics may influence the incidence of surgical errors in American hospitals. This research may be useful for hospitals in Delaware and throughout the United States to improve communication and effectiveness in surgical rooms.

Studies find that brain injuries can lead to depression, anxiety

Many people are aware of how brain injuries can influence the nervous system and body functioning, but what about mental health? Recent studies have begun to uncover the emotional and psychological effects of brain injuries. This research may be critical to the recovery and treatment of concussion patients in Delaware and across the United States.

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