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June 2018 Archives

Hospital to invest $1.7 million in changes after surgical errors

When something goes wrong during an operation, medical malpractice suits are often the first consideration for patients. But what responsibility do Delaware hospitals have for surgical errors that take place in their facilities, especially if a location appears prone to issues? Elsewhere in the U.S., a hospital in the Northeast has been ordered by state health officials to invest at least $1.7 million after a series of medical errors in its facility.

3 ways accident victims underestimate their case

Car accidents tend to be traumatic events with consequences that can reach far ahead into your future. Because many people harbor misconceptions about how a personal injury lawsuit might work, they sometimes make assumptions about the likely outcome and decide their case is not worth pursuing.

Understanding the difference between birth injuries and defects

Everyone hopes for a healthy birth when having a baby. While things usually go as planned, occasionally things go awry. While defects may be unavoidable at times medical malpractice before or during the birth may be at play with injuries. It is important for Delaware parents to know the difference between birth defects and birth injuries under the law, as well as who is responsible when things go wrong in the delivery room.

How to help people in car accidents and other emergencies

It can be frightening to see or be involved in an emergency incident. There are many possible emergency situations that may arise around Delaware, such as car accidents or farming equipment injuries. These situations may require immediate medical response, and those who have basic information about what to do will be better equipped to respond.

Tips for preventing and following up on surgical errors

When something goes wrong during a hospital procedure, the results can be devastating for a patient and his or her loved ones. While surgical errors due to medical malpractice are certainly not the patient's fault, there are some things Delaware individuals and their families can do to reduce the risk of such incidents. There are also some tips that could be helpful for handling the situation should an error occur.

What to do if you suspect medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is something that most people never think much about, let alone expect to experience. However, it can happen to anyone at anytime a medical intervention takes place. Even the most routine operations can go wrong and result in an error that constitutes medical malpractice.

New technology may help prevent surgical errors

Increased concern over human error in medical procedures has some looking to technology for better options. This has given rise to robotic surgical systems across the United States, designed in part to reduce surgical errors by providing a predictable, precise and calculated method for surgical procedures. In Delaware and throughout the country, these robotic solutions are currently being used primarily in minimally invasive surgeries.

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