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April 2018 Archives

Distracted driving a growing problem across Delaware

If you have ever noticed how many Delaware drivers are eating, looking at their phones or otherwise not paying attention to the task at hand, you may understand how much of a problem distracted driving is throughout the state. According to, distracted driving-related deaths in the state have risen since 2012, and distracted driving continues to play a key role in thousands of crashes across Delaware every year.

The impact of navigation dashboards on distracted driving

Distracted driving is more prevalent than ever now that everyone has a cellphone on them at all times. The problem may even become worse now that auto manufacturers have installed smart dashboards into many vehicles. Now people can enter directions and find music playlists from a screen on the dashboard. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has had to issue a call to action for automakers to stop putting the systems in cars.

Reasons for common birth injuries have changed since 1970

Health care is a field where better methods are constantly being discovered, so there is no wonder that childbirth has become safer over time. Despite the many strides that have been made in maternal and infant health care, birth injuries still occur in Delaware and throughout the United States. Understanding the most common labor complications today compared to the issues women faced 50 years ago can offer some insight into how times have changed and what remains to be addressed.

Study shows brain injuries increase risk of dementia

Many people are aware of the immediate consequences of trauma to the brain. Delaware residents with brain injuries face large number of immediate challenges, from headaches through to loss of senses or functioning. But what are the long-term effects of this kind of trauma? According to a new study, increased risk of developing dementia is one of the previously unknown side effects of traumatic brain injuries.

The most common surgical errors in U.S. hospitals

Going into the hospital for a major medical operation or surgery can be nerve-wracking. While most procedures go according to plan, patients still run the risk of surgical errors when they enter a hospital. Here are some of the more common mistakes that result in legal action from patients in Delaware and throughout the country.

How common are diagnostic errors?

The first professional Wilmington residents usually see when they are ill or injured is their doctor. They rely on physicians to properly evaluate their symptoms, complaints, test results and medical history to diagnose their conditions and provide treatment. No one goes to the hospital, medical office or emergency room with the expectation that the health care workers they rely on will make diagnostic mistakes that ultimately cause them harm. 

Surgical errors involving sterilization leave patients at risk

Even if a surgery appears to be successful, the issue of cross-contamination can have life-threatening impacts. Delaware patients should be aware of the risks of improperly sterilized equipment, as these surgical errors can lead to the contraction of bloodborne viruses like HIV and Hepatitis. A recent medical malpractice case has placed several patients at risk of such diseases after a hospital sterilization breach.

Surgical errors: Doctor accused of leaving OR during surgery

A serious complicated surgery is difficult for any patient to undergo, but many make the choice every day in Delaware and across the country. Many choose to risk the possibility of surgical errors because of the trust they have for their surgeon, and the hope for a healthy outcome. One family in another state was recently awarded millions in a lawsuit due to a surgeon's choice to leave his patient before the surgery ended.

Birth injuries: Needle left in woman's spine for 14 years

Childbirth can be dangerous for either the mother, baby or both. There are numerous medical concerns that must be handled with care. Delaware mothers who have suffered injuries or their child has suffered birth injuries may be interested in one mother's ordeal following her cesarean section.

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