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February 2018 Archives

How to tell if you are a distracted driver

Delaware police will crack down on distracted drivers in the near future. Law enforcement will begin the "Don't Be the You Hate" campaign, which aims to enforce the notion that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous. A first offense for driving while using a mobile device can result in a fine up to $100. 

Delayed treatment can result in brain injuries, death

When a patient is received in a Delaware emergency room with a blocked artery around the heart, time is of the essence. Any delay in treatment can leave a damaged muscle, brain injuries or death due to a reduced blood flow to essential organs. A woman in another state has filed a lawsuit against her husband's emergency room physician following a horrific night of watching her husband linger for hours after the doctor declared him dead.

$11.35 million awarded for birth injuries 16 years after delivery

Childbirth is a unique and wonderful experience. Unfortunately, unexpected birth injuries can hinder the experience, often resulting in expensive care, a decrease in the quality of life and sometimes even death. Delaware parents may be interested in a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state in which a jury recently awarded two parents a verdict of $11.35 million. 

Football player's family files lawsuit after brain injuries

Recently, more discussions have occurred about the long-term impact of concussions that football players often suffer during play. Sadly, one young football player suffered irreversible brain injuries during a high school game after suffering a concussion. Delaware residents may be interested in reading the about family's lawsuit against the athletic trainer who examined the student following his injury.

Surgical errors may have resulted in Bill Paxton's death

In Delaware and elsewhere, there are significant risks with any surgical procedure or operation. It is important to understand the risks for a patient to make the best decision for his or her health. If there are significant risks for surgical errors, some patients may opt to choose an alternative medical treatment rather than surgery. The family of actor Bill Paxton has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his surgeon and hospital following his death last year.

Family whose son suffered serious birth injuries wins appeal

One of the proudest moments in a mother's life is when her child is born. Sadly, not every birth is a joyous occasion, especially when an infant suffers serious birth injuries. There are likely many Delaware families who have experienced this particular heartache first hand.

Latest report on Delaware car accidents concerns fatal crash

When one reaches a certain age, it is likely that a serious illness is considered the greatest threat to one's well-being. Unfortunately, neither age nor experience can be a safeguard against being involved in serious car accidents. Sadly, the news of the most recent fatality was in connection to an 85-year-old Delaware woman.

Dumping patients from the ER is more common than you think

When your loved one goes to the hospital, you want only the best care for him or her. It would be appalling to find out that your relative received substandard treatment or was released before he or she was ready into an environment that might result in harm. Unfortunately for many patients in Delaware and elsewhere, this scenario is all too common.

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