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January 2018 Archives

Note to Tesla drivers: Autopilot does not mean self-driving

The Autopilot driver assistance program that is present in Tesla vehicles is an amazing piece of technology. Tesla owners in Delaware and across the country can enjoy such conveniences as assistance with parallel parking and backing out of spaces, as well as safety features such as assisted braking and improved accuracy in changing lanes. However, some Tesla owners may falsely think the Autopilot feature lets them divert their attention from driving. Whether you own a Tesla or share the road with one of these innovative vehicles, it is important to understand the intention behind the use of this technology.

Some hospitals encouraging full disclosure after surgical errors

Patients in Delaware may be interested to learn that many hospitals are adopting programs that encourage medical professionals to participate in "communication and resolution" programs. The programs aim to encourage open communication between a physician and patient and/or families when adverse events or surgical errors occur. Many hospitals who have adopted the program feel that it's the moral thing to do, and victims or family members of victims often appreciate the answers the physicians provide. Traditionally, physicians and medical institutions have adopted a "deny and defend" policy even when known errors have occurred in an attempt to avoid medical malpractice lawsuits, but studies indicate that the open disclosure of any errors that may have occurred may not increase lawsuits.

Stuntman suffered fatal brain injuries on "The Walking Dead"

The television and movie industry has been wowing audiences in Delaware and across the country for years with their action scenes and often with the illusion of daring stunts. It is no secret that directors and actors often employ skilled stuntmen and stuntwomen to safely perform more dangerous scenes. For a stuntman, abiding by safety techniques is vital to his or her protection. One mother is claiming that the production company of the "The Walking Dead" did not provide enough safety measures to protect her son from suffering fatal brain injuries.

Surgical errors: Man's stomach held forgotten scapel for years

Anyone who has had a magnetic resonance image, most commonly known as an MRI, is likely aware that no metal can be present within a certain space of the imaging machine. As stated in its name, it contains a large magnet and considerable damage or injuries can occur if metal objects are nearby. Unfortunately, for one man, he was unaware that metal resided in his abdominal cavity from a previous surgery. It was discovered while undergoing an MRI. Anyone in Delaware who has suffered similar surgical errors may be interested in the man's medical malpractice lawsuit filed against the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Car accidents: Collison results in serious injury, fatality

In the blink of an eye, a collision with another vehicle can change a person's life. Serious car accidents can result in permanent injury, hefty medical bills and even death. Sadly, two people were seriously injured in a recent Delaware collision; one victim did not survive.

Risks for birth injuries in Delaware newborns

Giving birth in Delaware is a process that requires many important decisions. In all the choices you make leading up to your baby's birth, the one thing you likely feel confident about is that you will have a safe birth in which you and your newborn will receive excellent care.

Failure to verify identity can result in surgical errors

Verifying a patient's identification is one of the first steps any hospital or medical establishment in Delaware must make prior to administering any type of treatment. When there is a failure to establish identity, medical and surgical errors can occur. Any medical error is dangerous because many cannot be undone. One hospital in another state treated the wrong patient for hours and has been accused of refusing to verify any identification or medical records.

Baby shaken and now suffers serious brain injuries

There is no question that the brain is central to all of life's daily functions. Anyone in Delaware who has cared for a loved one with a brain injury can attest to the intensive medical and therapeutic care that is often needed to assist a loved one with daily activities. Unfortunately, for most families, needed care can be difficult to fund. In cases where the negligence of another may have resulted in brain injuries, families may be able to recoup some financial loss through a lawsuit in civil court. Recently, a family in another state received disturbing news that their son had been injured at the hands of a caretaker, possibly changing his life forever.

Medical malpractice: Staff takes nude pictures of sedated patient

When Delaware patients undergo surgery, they are typically nervous about the possibility of an unexpected outcome. There is a fear of surgical errors such as infection, the wrong surgery on the wrong body part or unexpected injury. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and privacy laws in the medical field provide privacy protections for patients. A recent case raises the question of whether taking a nude photo of a sedated patient during surgery constitutes medical malpractice. One woman argues that it does, and she has recently filed a medical malpractice claim in another state.

What you should know about brain injuries after a car crash

When you hear about internal injuries, you may think primarily of organs in your chest or abdomen. However, after a car accident, an internal head injury may be more likely than a damaged kidney or punctured lung. Not only that, but you could also sustain a serious brain injury without even hitting your head if the force of the collision causes your brain to hit the inside of your skull.

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