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November 2017 Archives

Some women are more at risk of death after birth injuries

The availability of excellent health care to everyone in Delaware and throughout the United States has been a continuous struggle and debate. More recent studies have indicated that the availability of health care may be one of the many factors contributing to the increased risk that black women have from dying during pregnancy or from birth injuries. One woman has recently explained her passion to minimize risk to other women.

3 risks of self-driving cars

Experts in the technology and automotive industries are deadset on the future of self-driving cars. They claim that the roads will be full of them and that it is just a matter of time until that becomes reality. However, can a fully autonomous car without any manual navigation really be safe?

Can you file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Delaware?

The term "medical malpractice" is quite broad and general. It can be difficult to know exactly when it applies. If you or a member of your family in the state of Delaware suspects that you have a case of medical malpractice on your hands, it is a good idea to inform yourself about a few of the basic premises of this type of claim.

Car accidents: Missed stop sign results in tragedy

Life can change in an instant. While some change is positive, unexpected change is often the result of undesired life events. Unfortunately, car accidents are unwanted life events and can result in a change in the quality of life for anyone involved. One recent tragic Delaware crash changed multiple lives in a matter of moments.

Family accepts settlement for daughter's brain injuries

Anyone who has taken a CPR training course in Delaware has likely been taught to remember "ABC". ABC, in this instance, refers to airway, breathing and circulation when checking a person who has stopped breathing or has no pulse. Trainees are taught to access the person's airway first before any other system because the other systems will not work if the airway is blocked. Sadly, one family in another state now knows the unfortunate reality of how essential the airway was for their daughter's quality of life. Their daughter's medical team was not able to provide an airway for their daughter quickly enough, and she suffered disabling brain injuries.

Surgical errors: Family recieves $10 million for wrongful death

Medical malpractice errors occur on a regular basis in Delaware. Medical malpractice errors may include classic surgical errors such as incorrect body part removal, tissue damage, severe loss of blood, blood clots, infection and more. Failure to provide a potentially life-saving surgery in a timely manner can also constitute an unnecessary surgical error. One jury in another state recently awarded a family $10 million for the loss of their mother due to her physician's failure to coordinate and provide the woman the surgery she required.

Family awarded $12 million for care of woman's brain injuries

Any Delaware professional is human and can make errors in judgment. Unfortunately, when physicians make mistakes, it can result in harmful consequences to patients. A jury in another state awarded one woman's family $12 million for the error in judgment that her doctor made and likely resulted in her permanent brain injuries.

How to avoid serious injury in a car accident

When you get in your car every morning in the Wilmington area to drop your kids off to school and go to work, the last thing on your mind is a car accident. As common as they are, very few motorists think about them until they are faced with a collision that causes them serious injury. 

Medical malpractice award may not be fully payable

Medical malpractice verdicts in Delaware continue to compensate those who suffer injury during a medical procedure. There continue to be some very high awards from juries. Sometimes, however, the plaintiff does not have a right to receive the verdict amount and must accept a lower overall amount.

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