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October 2017 Archives

Surgical errors: Woman awarded $1.2 million after nerve injury

Many Delaware high school students consider the prom a right of passage. Many spend hours planning and prepping for the memorable night. One girl in a nearby state attended her prom but could not dance with her peers. The victim of surgical errors, she spent months in a wheelchair and undergoing therapy.

Delaware car accidents: 2 bicyclists killed after crash

Sadly, some people in Delaware find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time through no fault of their own. Recently, two men lost their lives when they became victims of a deadly car crash. Dealing with the aftermath of car accidents such as this one can be confusing and complicated for loved ones of deceased victims.

Car accidents: Porsche collides with school bus, injuring 8 kids

It is terrifying for parents to receive a call that their child has been injured or harmed. Recently, multiple Delaware parents received calls after their children were involved in an accident on their morning bus commute to school. Unfortunately, injuries resulting from similar car accidents can be expensive, and some injuries can impact people's health and way of life indefinitely.

Birth injuries: Family awarded $4 million after mother's death

The occurrence of childbirth by cesarean sections is on the rise in Delaware and across the United States. Although, they are often necessary for the health of the mother or child, there are potential risks to both. Birth injuries most often impact the child, but at times the process can be very dangerous and harmful to the mother. A jury in another state just awarded a family $4 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit for the loss of their mother after she delivered her fourth child.

Man suffers fatal brain injuries after frying pan attack

Armed with two frying pans, a woman recently chased and attacked the man she claimed was her boyfriend. The brain injuries he suffered following the assault resulted in his death less than a month later. Complicating his case was the care and/or lack of care by hospital emergency room staff that may have had the chance to prevent his death. Delaware personal injury attorneys frequently review cases such as this one to assess whether negligent actions may have resulted in a wrongful death.

Understanding wrong site surgery and its causes

When you are scheduled for surgery, you trust the doctors who will perform the procedure are qualified and attentive. Nobody expects to emerge from surgery worse off than before, but unfortunately, this is sometimes the case. Wrong site surgery is one such example of a medical error that can have disastrous consequences for patients who happen to become victims.

Doctor's experimental procedure results in surgical errors

In modern times, Delaware patients may find it hard believe that people still falsify credentials. Unfortunately, hundreds of patients in another state have suffered unnecessary painful surgical errors at the hands of a doctor falsely presenting himself as a neurosurgeon. Lawsuits involving the doctor's alleged malpractice have been prolonged over years, but new unheard testimony was recently presented revealing possible hospital cover-up of the malpractice.

Woman explains complications of son's birth injuries

Delaware physicians aim to provide medical care that is in the best interest of the patients and strive to do no harm. Physicians are human, can make mistakes and sometimes execute poor judgment when caring for patients. Unfortunately when a medical mistake occurs, it can result in a lifetime of medical care and consequences for the patient. One mother is promoting a one-armed cartwheel challenge to make people aware of problems that patients experience after unfortunate birth injuries.

Surgical errors result in amputation of man's feet and fingers

Organ transplants have given some Delaware residents a second chance at life. Transplant recipients often feel like they have been given a gift and hope for their remaining life. Sadly, due to apparent surgical errors, a man's transplant in another state became a nightmare.

Complications associated with C-sections

The number of cesarean sections performed in America has steadily increased in recent years, with reporting that you now have a one-in-four chance of delivering your baby via this method. As is the case with any surgery, you assume a certain level of risk by going under the knife, but when you have a C-section, your baby also faces unique risks.

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