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September 2017 Archives

Unknown surgical errors result infertility for woman

Many Delaware couples struggle with the ability to become pregnant and start a family. Fortunately, medical advancement has enabled many couples to become pregnant when they previously could not. One couple in another state sought the care and advice of a reproductive and endocrinology specialist and had high hopes that they would start a family with his care. Sadly, due to unknown surgical errors, the couple will never have biological children.

brain injuries can result from even routine operations

The term elective surgery may sometimes lead one to assume that it will be a relatively simple procedure performed by an experienced and competent provider. However, any invasive operation that requires sedation can have significant and long-lasting consequences -- including the risk of brain injuries in some circumstances. Sadly, some Delaware families have witnessed loved ones changed forever due to this type of medical mistake.

Chain reaction car accidents: Several injured, including baby

Driving is not a right so much as it is a privilege. As such, it falls to every driver to ensure that he or she pays diligent attention to the task of operating these large machines in order to forestall the possibility of causing a serious crash. Unfortunately, as several Delaware families recently discovered, these tragic car accidents occur without warning and cause unspeakable harm.

Couple files lawsuit after daughter suffers birth injuries

Parents in Delaware and across the country spend a lot of time preparing for the birth of a child. They prepare nurseries, purchase supplies and listen to the advice of experienced parents. Most new parents do not anticipate needing the advice of an attorney following the birth of a child, but unfortunately some do. One couple in another state has filed a lawsuit with the help of an attorney due to the birth injuries their daughter suffered.

Family awarded $8.8 million for man's death from brain injuries

Unfortunate and tragic accidents occur in Delaware and across the country every day. Accidents often result in life-changing injuries, which are sometimes fatal. Recently, a family in another state was awarded $8.8 million in a wrongful death lawsuit for the brain injuries their loved one suffered at his workplace.

Delaware car accidents: Driver runs red light killing another

Injuries, property damage and death can all result from motor vehicle accidents. Unknown to many victims is the financial, physical and emotional stress that may also occur after serious car accidents. One recent multi-vehicle accident in Delaware ended in tragedy for one unsuspecting driver.

The underreporting of medical malpractice fatalities

Many people do not readily know the extent of how often medical malpractice is the actual cause of death. The fatal error may be by overt commission of an act that should not have been taken or, alternatively, by omission or failure to act when a particular action should have been taken.

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